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Acapulco Chair

Bring the ambience of Mexican Riviera and the vibes of the 1950s jet set extravaganza to your backyard with our famous Acapulco lounge chair.

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An outdoor lounge chair with 1950s glam

Acapulco chair is a very unique part of our offer. It is an outdoor lounge chair that became famous during the 1950s when it appeared as an essential part of the high-end side of the Mexican Riviera, frequently visited by the crème de la crème of the Hollywood jet set. This unique design is perfectly suited for relaxing in the hot Acapulco sun while enjoying the breeze on your face and the smell of sea in the air. Combining glamour of the place where Jackie and John Kennedy honeymooned back in the days with the woven structure that helps battle the hot sun and sky-high temperatures of summertime Mexico, Acapulco outdoor lounge chair original design was a perfect solution for the classy and glitzy environment where it first appeared. The original designer of this exotic patio chair, however, remains unknown and there are only legends and folk stories which offer clues to how Acapulco outdoor lounge chair originally came to be.

A Frenchman in Mexico?

As the story goes, somewhere in the 1950s, a visionary French tourist was visiting Acapulco and was rather annoyed by the heat while sitting in solid chair under the hot Mexico sun. Sweating in the boiling temperatures, he angrily moved on to the traditional Mayan hammock that was nearby, and there, he enjoyed the breeze that easily found its way through the intertwined strings of the hammock. He wondered why nobody went through the trouble of creating a comfortable modern lounge chair in a similar manner. So, with a typical French passion for revolutions, this mysterious tourist decided to do this by himself. And that is how Acapulco outdoor chair was originally born… Or at least, that is how the legend goes.

Of course, no one has been able to confirm this myth later on, but regardless of that, the Acapulco chair original design caught on and was replicated by many designers, manufacturers and craftsmen, sometimes perfectly matching Acapulco chair original design and sometimes adding new twists like completely round versions, leather variants, Mobius strip loveseats and others. However, all of these retained the iconic fusion of folk design and modernism in the tropical Hollywood glamour that made the original so famous and popular.

Acapulco chair original design

Acapulco lounge chair – a Mayan Hammock weaving technology, that appeared in Mexico in the 1950s featured a slightly pear shaped metal steel frame across which vinyl cords were woven in a kind of sunburst motif. The structure of the chairs ensured that they are suitable for outdoor use, while the vinyl cord structure of the seat allowed for it to be comfortable even in the hot sun of Mexico, at the same time ensuring the durability of the design – this approach with the lack of solid shell structure is also present in some other models unrelated to this one, for example, wireframe shell Bertoia chairs. And so that they can fit in the glamorous tropical style of Acapulco, these outdoor chairs were manufactured in vivid and lively colors which is something that characterizes a vast majority of Acapulco models available today.

Acapulco chair models and variants

Without any known designer or specific manufacturer that could hold the license for manufacturing original Acapulco chairs, this model has been re-designed and re-created countless of times, with many creators changing the loosely defined original design specifications and adding their own personal signature, playing with styles and approaches to add something new to the proven design of Acapulco outdoor chair that first saw the light of the day in Mexico during the 1950s. Because of this fusion of old and new, the vintage appeal continues to characterise all of these variations, regardless of the pear shaped weave pattern or the frame finishes materials (which can sometimes be rather modern, with stainless powder coated steel frame being a prominent example).

With experimentation with new materials, Acapulco chairs quickly divided in two broad categories – Acapulco outdoor chairs which stayed true to their original intention and indoor Acapulco chair which are also sometimes called Acapulco accent chairs due to the fact that they often serve the purpose of statement pieces which profoundly impact the overall feel and the décor of a room.

Acapulco dining chair is another popular variation that appeared – it usually stays true to the materials and weaving pattern of the original, but with a slightly modified shape of the frame so that it is narrower and more in line with the requirement of the modern dining chairs.

Some designers saw significant potential in Acapulco accent chair appeal when it comes to its integration in the typical southwestern décor style. So, they began manufacturing Acapulco chairs in leather, which was a significant variation on the original model. Some, however, still preferred the appeal of vinyl cords, but decided to play with the colors – this resulted in a proliferation of more subtly and elegantly colored models, with black Acapulco chair and white Acapulco chair (or the mix of those two in the same model) being the most common.

Another very interesting variant is Acapulco rocking chair, simply known as Acapulco rocker. This model is a perfect solution for your patio or front porch where rocking chairs are so commonly used in the south and west US. While not as popular as some other variants out there, Acapulco rocking chair definitely has its die-hard fans out there who are absolutely charmed with this take on a classic Mexican design (or French, if you trust the legend).

Buying Acapulco chair

If you are looking for an Acapulco chair sale near you, it probably won’t take long for you to find one. Without the original license holder, Acapulco chair replicas have easily flooded the market. In fact, when you compare the offer of this model with most of other outdoor seating solutions on the modern market, you can find that Acapulco chair replicas in the US are easily in the top 3 most commonly reproduced models – as evidenced by the fact that you can easily buy Acapulco outdoor chair variants even in big companies such as Ikea or eBay. Buying a cheap Acapulco chair might be a bit more challenging task, but again, the oversaturation of the market played its part here too.

But, there is downside to this. The proliferation of Acapulco chair knock offs has also led to the reduction in quality with the focus on mass production and easily placement on the market. So, you should be very smart when making your decision.

Here at byBESPOEK, you can buy Acapulco chair premium reproductions at a rather cheap price, without compromising on the quality. We take special care to use high-quality materials and cutting-edge industrial processes in order to ensure the optimal quality of our Acapulco lounge chair replicas without inflating the price. And with our special attention to the reduction and elimination of unnecessary costs and excess materials, we manage to bring style, quality and affordability together in this iconic design that is sure to bring an exclusive Mexican Riviera vibe to your home or backyard.

Styling with Acapulco chair

Acapulco chair comes with a very strong aesthetic expression and can profoundly change the feeling and décor of a room, hence its common classification as Acapulco accent chair. So, even if you get just a single chair of this model, it can easily become a centerpiece of your home. If you are planning to use it indoor – a copper frame is suitable for indoor use, then you might be willing to consider leather Acapulco chair alongside more standard models. However, you should also keep in mind that this design comes with a very strong stylistic impact, so it is not suitable for every room. If you are a fan of minimalism, contemporary style or any other décor philosophy that relies on subtlety and negative space, Acapulco accent chair might be a bit too overwhelming. However, for homes in eclectic style, boho chic or southwestern style, this design can easily become the centerpiece holding your other décor elements together and profoundly shaping the vibe of your home.

Acapulco chairs truly shine when used outdoor – as was their original intention. They can easily transform your backyard into a stylish scene that looks like it has been captured in the glamorous 50s, somewhere on the Mexican Riviera. For this use, Acapulco chair set might be a solution worth considering. When matched with a table in the same style, suitable seat height, they can easily give a completely new layer of interest and style to your patio, although they can be just as effective when used on their own or with some other less imposing patio furniture outdoor. However, you should also keep in mind that your outdoor Acapulco lounge chairs have to be weather and UV resistant, so pay attention to the materials used in production.

Here at byBESPOEK you can find a variety of Acapulco outdoor chair premium reproductions inspired by the original 1950s design, which are all suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. So, you just need to pick a color of your choice and get this iconic chair so that you can enjoy the breeze under the hot summer sun. Here at byBESPOEK, we have the best customer service ready to listen and answer all your inquiries. Call us now!

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

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