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Arne Jacobsen lamp – Premium quality AJ lamp reproductions

Arne Jacobsen’s collection of lamps profoundly changed and redefined the modern understanding of light fixtures. Our AJ lamps premium reproductions will bring the same modernist blend of style and functionality to your home.

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AJ lamps: Lighting solutions for the modern home

The generation of artists and creators that shaped Scandinavian mid century designed showed deep interest in light rather early. And while not all designers from this era experimented with lamps and chandeliers, those who did left a lasting mark on history of lighting architecture. Arne Jacobsen is one such designer. This Danish creator with the help of Louis Poulsen, worked on a variety of different designs, with a significant portion of them being originally developed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen – and this involves his world-famous collection of AJ lamps such as AJ table lamp and other AJ lamp designs.

However, it wasn’t long before AJ table lamp and other AJ lamp collections entered mass production. The general public was quickly captivated by these simple, yet highly elegant lighting solutions, so Jacobsen’s lamps quickly found their way to countless modern homes throughout Scandinavia and then all around the world. With their exceptional functionality and pragmatic value perfectly blended with sleek mid century modern appeal, they continue to look just as stylish and elegant as they did decades ago when they were first designed.

Arne Jacobsen lamps: Mid century modern lighting solution

AJ light fixtures are simple and unimposing in their aesthetical expression and as such, they can easily fit in numerous décor styles, both those that were true hits back in the early 1960s when Jacobsen first started designing his AJ table lamp and  AJ floor lamp – with collaboration of Louis Poulsen, and those popular today. Highly functional, with tilt function and simple shade that directs light exactly where it is needed, Jacobsen’s lamps stay true to one of the core postulates of Scandinavian mid century design – the idea that comfort and functionality should both be priorities and neither should negatively impact the other.

AJ table lamp and other AJ lamp designs achieve this masterfully as they are undoubtedly stylish and elegant, yet subtle and unimposing when it comes to their impact on the space as a whole. They are easily adjustable and highly functional, providing directed, yet glare-free light. Available in a variety of models and colors such dark green, dark grey, yellow ochre, midnight blue, light grey, rusty red and pale petroleum, AJ light solutions are highly versatile and this amazing AJ table lamp and other AJ lamp collection has something to suit everybody’s taste.

Arne Jacobsen designed light solutions: A diversity of models

Arne Jacobsen is one of the most productive designers that shaped Scandinavian mid century modern aesthetical expression and creative philosophy. Always working on new designs, experimenting with shapes, forms and materials, he created a variety of different models and designs. His collection such as AJ table lamp and other lamp designs are just as diversified as all of his others areas of interest, if not even more. Recognizing the variety of practical, but also stylistic functions and purposes a modern lamp should fulfil, he set out on a journey to create an ideal model for each and every one of them.

Most of these iconic AJ table lamp and other lamp designs were originally designed for Louis Poulsen manufacturer who helped them reach the general public. These amazing light accessories in mid century style quickly circled around the globe, catching the attention of audiences from every corner of the globe. The functionality and simple elegance that characterise most of AJ models proved to be an absolute hit of modern design and they were certainly recognised.

AJ floor lamp

Just a brief glimpse at some of his most popular lighting solutions can easily exemplify this pursuit. Let’s take a look at the famous AJ floor lamp – a simple, yet elegant design that can easily be used as a reading light by a stylish lounge chair, but also as a lighting fixture adding just a bit of ambience to the room if placed against the wall. Thanks to its simple and unimposing silhouette that relies on elegance stemming from simplicity and clever use of clear lines, it can easily be placed at any place in the room without stealing too much attention or creating a sensation of clutter.

AJ table lamp

Probably the most popular model from the AJ lamps collection, AJ table lamp is a true triumph of simple elegance and timeless style and an icon of mid century modernist approach to table lamp. Perfectly embodying the pursuit of a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, AJ table lamp feature the same sleek modernist design as his AJ floor lamp, with the same adjustability and the same cleverly thought-out shade that flawlessly directs light right on the working surface where you need it. Arne Jacobsen desk lamps can be a perfect solution for your working desk, but also for your office, as they are equally suitable for private and public working spaces. And, if you are a fan of reading before bed, why not use table lamp as a stylish bedside lamp – if your bedroom is decorated in Scandinavian, mid century or somewhat minimalist manner, these models might be a perfect match.

Arne Jacobsen pendant lamp

Perhaps the most unique of the whole collection, Arne Jacobsen pendant lamp, also known as AJ Royal, is a lighting fixture of rather simple, yet elegant appearance. With semicircular shade featuring a number of slits in its upper half, Jacobsen’s pendant lamp manages to remain exceptionally simple in shape, yet truly modernist and unique in aesthetical expression. Simultaneously providing downwards-directed light and ambient lighting through the slits, AJ pendant lamp is a true masterpiece of lighting architecture that influenced countless designs that came after it.

Arne Jacobsen wall lamp

Highly practical lighting fixture that relies on precisely directed light, AJ wall lamp is another model that shares the aesthetical expression of the shade with the AJ table lamp and AJ floor lamp. Lightweight and fully adjustable, the elegant Arne Jacobsen wall lamp is an essential in a modern home.

Where to buy Arne Jacobsen replica lamps?

If you are not keen on getting a significant hit on your valet, you might be considering buying AJ lamp replica instead of ordering the original. This might be a good way to go for a more affordable option, but you would have to make certain that the Arne Jacobsen replica lamps you plan to get really can match the original, both in terms of style and in terms of quality.

Here at ByBespoek, we offer you an opportunity to buy AJ table lamp, AJ floor lamp and other AJ lamp design premium reproductions that come with a guarantee and quality that is sure to last for many years to come. Virtually indistinguishable from the original in even the smallest of details, our premium reproductions of the iconic AJ table lamp and other lamp design collections are sure to bring timeless modernist elegance to your home at just a fraction of the original price.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality