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PH Artichoke pendant lamp: Buy iconic Danish Artichoke lamp

Our premium reproduction of Poul Henningsen’s iconic Artichoke lamp will bring a unique and elegant touch to your home with its complex sculptural appearance and timeless elegance in Scandinavian style.

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PH Artichoke and Scandi-style lighting

Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke lamp is arguably the most iconic and representative pendant lamp from the world-famous collection of PH lamps. With a composite shade consisting of 72 precisely positioned copper, stainless steel or aluminum leaves – laser cut or die cut, arranged in 12 completely unique rows with 6 leaves each, this ambitious design is not only sculptural and exceptionally elegant by itself, but it also ensures that PH Artichoke light will softly reflect between the leaves obscuring the light bulb. The result is a true masterpiece , a pendant lamp that will illuminate the room with the diffuse ambient light without uncomfortable glare, while at the same time adding a completely new layer of visual interest and elegant sophistication which is sure to catch some well-deserved attention.

The history of Artichoke lamp

After this outstanding design was completed on the drawing board, Poul Henningsen turned to his long-term partner, lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen. The vintage PH Artichoke pendant lamp was originally designed back in 1958 for Langelinie Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen, but was quickly recognized as exceptional by the general public, so it didn’t take long for it to start appearing in stylish and elegant homes throughout Scandinavia, but also the rest of the world.

This Danish pendant lamp – designed by Poul Henningsen with collaboration of Louis Poulsen, became synonymous with Scandinavian mid century modern lighting architecture, as it perfectly exemplified some of the core postulates of this design philosophy. Their masterpiece was not only famous in Denmark but also in other countries or region such as Japan, Europe and United States. Form follows function principle has never before been so stylistically pleasing as with PH Artichoke pendant lamp shade whose sculptural appearance is still rooted in its function of reflecting diffuse, soft and glare-free light, shimmering between its copper leaves (or brushed stainless steel in newer models) that obscure the direct light source. As such, Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke secured for itself a prominent place in the history of lamp design.

Buying the iconic mid century modern pendant?

If you are looking to buy original PH Artichoke Pendant lamp, your options are rather limited, as Louis Poulsen is the only manufacturer still holding the license for manufacturing the original of this Danish pendant lamp. However, if you are not really keen on paying for the name of the manufacturer (which is everything except affordable), you might be looking for alternatives. Today, you can easily get your hands on PH Artichoke replica through retailers and online shops such as Ikea or eBay. And, with the immense popularity of this light fixture, it comes as no surprise that the market is oversaturated with PH Artichoke Pendant lamp replicas.

Of course, when opting for this option, you must keep in mind that you cannot be sure about the quality of the product. In fact, a number of PH Artichoke knock offs marketed as PH Artichoke pendant light replicas are nothing more than poorly assembled lookalikes, sometimes even with different shape and size. But, if you want to make sure that your copy will be of premium quality, then you will certainly be interested in our premium-quality PH Artichoke reproductions which are manufactured according to the original design specifications, copper or stainless steel and using the cutting-edge industrial techniques in order to eliminate excess material and unnecessary costs, thus keeping the finished product affordable. This impressive ceiling lamp will bring a stylish touch of Denmark to your home and you can easily place it not just in your living room, but also in your dining room or even bedroom and thus utilise its decorative appearance and beautiful aesthetic expression. On top of that, we make sure that the cord on which the lamp is handing is durably and strong enough so it doesn’t wear out over time.

Styling with Artichoke lamp by Poul Henningsen

With its breathtaking sculptural appearance and interplay of light and shadow on its composite surface, PH Artichoke is a statement piece among lighting fixtures. It is sure to bring a unique and completely new layer of visual interest to your living room, alongside a very strong aesthetic expression, rich in character that will speak volumes about your refined sense of style and love of elegant sophistication. If you are looking for a truly vintage model , then you might consider getting the one that is closer in appearance to Poul Henningsen’s first prototypes, namely PH Artichoke lamps in copper or stainless steel. On the other hand, for a more modern stylistic touch, you can consider white PH Artichoke lamp which will further emphasize the diffuse light playfully dancing on the leaves of this sculptural Danish pendant lamp.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality