Babies are curious and they like to explore everything by walking, climbing and crawling.
Every room in the house can be an interesting adventure for your toddler so it is important that you make it as safe as it can be.

That means that you would probably need to declutter your interior a bit and make sure your furniture pieces are safe and comfy.

We have joined forces with one of our most famous designers in order to give you the best possible tips that will ensure safety for your new family member.

In this article we want to give you some special tips and tricks to make your space and furniture baby ready.

In case you want to jump to a particular one we’ve listed the main topics below:

1. Scan Your Interior

2. Dining Room and Kitchen

3. Living Room Styling

4. Bathroom Checklist

5. Final Touch


If there is ever a perfect time to check the functionality of your home, having a newborn is definitely it.
Before starting your home renovation, scanning your interior for possible fixes that need to be done should be a major priority.

Do you have a door that can’t be shut, a broken window or just some malfunctioning in your kitchen or bathroom?
All of these things need to be fixed before you can focus on actual furniture placement.

You should also consider repainting your walls beforehand as peeling or chipping paint surfaces may be a source of lead exposure. When you are having small children and toddlers who like to touch everything this may be a potential thing to keep an eye on.

When it comes to furniture pieces in this case you should consider safety over aesthetics. Ideally you should have both but pieces with less chemicals used in production should be your main choice.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about tables or seating options, you should avoid sharp edges.
Instead you should focus on smooth surfaces and soft materials that have high levels of safety.

Before your renovation starts make sure that you make a list of all the potential items that will need to be removed.


These two rooms are closely connected and can be a part of the space where your toddler might wander off, especially if it is close to the living room.

There are several tips that will make these parts of your home safe at all times.

For starters you need to make sure that you choose a dining set that is safe. In this case, safe means that your dining chairs and dining table do not have any sharp edges.

When it comes to the material our recommendation is wood as it can’t be broken like glass top tables and are more stable. We are also aware that many homes like to style their dining interior with rugs underneath the dining table but if you have an infant you should avoid it.

Due to a lot of possible spills, rugs will need a lot of care and cleaning. Keeping the floor in your dining room exposed will prevent dirty carpets until your kids become old enough to stop touching their face after touching the carpet.

As it matters to your seating choice Wishbone chair is definitely the best due to its shape and structure that provides safety.

When it comes to your kitchen, try to put all the knives, forks and cleaning products at a higher ground where your kids can’t reach it.

On top of that it is crucial that you have childproof cabinet locks and drawer locks for those that contain harmful products.


Finally, we’ve come to the part of the house that arguably we spent the most time during the day.

We’ve already mentioned that sharp edges should be avoided, and you can find most of them in the living room. However if you still have some sharpness that you can’t get rid off, sticking on corner cards can be a good solution.

Finding some nice looking round coffee tables and smooth surfaced lounge chairs is something that is worth considering.

Comfy furniture is getting more and more popular in families all around the world and the kids are definitely one of the main reasons why.
Egg chair and Womb chair are pretty safe due to their smooth shape and soft danish cashmere wool so it’s pretty safe to choose them as your main living room decor piece.

Also, If your living room windows have blinds or shades make sure that they are cordless, while for any electrical outlets you should provide some childproof outlet coverings.


Your bathroom should without a doubt be a place that you give the most attention while babyproofing your home.

In order to keep all the medicines, hand sanitizers, baby wipes and other hygiene based products away from the young ones you will need to keep them at a higher ground.

In your checklist you should ensure that the baby’s bathwater is always at the right temperature so having a thermometer can be a great idea.

Besides that toilet lock and latches for the medicine cabinet should be a must. Ideally you should keep your babies out of the bathroom on their own.


Even if you’ve finished your baby proofing there can always be something that you’ve maybe forgotten to do in the meantime.

Going over things you missed is a good way to make sure your interior is safe and sound.

Here are a couple of final things you would need to check before your home is baby ready:

– Keep your floors clean from small items. Vacuum regularly.

– Make sure your cosmetics, shampoos and other hygiene products are off tub ledges and sinks.

– All of your interior plants should be non toxic.

– Cover your heating and radiators

– Keep any sort of alcoholic beverages under a lock far from your kids reach

– Keep toy batteries away at all times.

– Any room that isn’t safe for the baby should be kept locked or under safety gates at the entrance