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Harry Bertoia chairs premium reproductions for your home

Premium reproductions of the iconic Harry Bertoia’s wireframe chairs produced exactly according to the original design specifications for your comfort and style.

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Defining the modern industrial style

Harry Bertoia was an Italian-American designer and artist who left a lasting legacy in the field of furniture design. Best known for his series of wireframe Bertoia chairs, he is the designer behind the world-famous Diamond chair and also Bertoia side chair, better known as Bertoia dining chair. Both of these models are wireframe chairs that feature a modern industrial-style sleek elegance fused with typical mid century modern appeal. Both are immensely popular and hence it is not that uncommon to stumble across some Bertoia chair replicas even when you’re not searching for them purposefully. However, unlike the knock offs you can find online, our premium reproductions feature unprecedented quality and comfort, while being virtually indistinguishable from the much more pricey original. An ideal solution for both outdoor and indoor use and for living room and dining room alike, Bertoia steel wire side chairs and lounge chairs are considered to be some of the finest examples of modern furniture, often being praised as modern classic seating solutions.

Bertoia style chairs – what are they all about?

Bertoia dining chairs, side chairs and lounge chairs all feature unique industrial style stainless steel wireframe design which is their most recognizable characteristic. The way that the outline frame of these models is connected with the wire interior is truly masterful and was consider revolutionary back in 1958 when Harry Bertoia first designed them for Knoll. Ever since then, these models have been praised as some of the most recognizable achievements of the industrial design which found their place in countless homes, restaurants, pubs and cafeterias while also being featured on various modern design exhibitions where their sculptural form was equated to a true work of art. With easily replaceable seat cushion and carefully thought out dimensions, these models are as functional and practical as they are stylish.

Bertoia Diamond chair

Harry Bertoia’s Diamond chair is easily one of the most recognizable mid century industrial designs and modern 20th century dining chairs. With a shape inspired by comfortable and cozy lounge chair, it mixes the traditional appeal of laid-back design with a modern look and truly avant-garde design. Despite the cold industrial appeal of chrome-plated steel that is at the heart of the unique aesthetical expression of this piece, the shell of the Bertoia Diamond wire chair follows and organic ergonomic form. On top of that, the presence of removable seating pad upholstered in leather will ensure maximum comfort and optimal back support.

The industrial and minimalist wire frame of the iconic Diamond lounge chair designed by Harry Bertoia does nothing to diminish exceptional comfort provided by the ergonomically shaped shell of this model. At the same time, the cleverly positioned legs comprised of straight lines placed under carefully calculated angles ensure maximum stability of the chair. On top of that, Bertoia Diamond chair covers have become a very popular option for adding yet another layer of comfort, but also visual interest to this iconic model. Bertoia lounge chair can easily benefit from these small stylistic touches and with its versatility, seat cushions or other types of cover can easily turn this classic into a vintage or truly modern masterpiece, depending on your choice. So, there are many options for your creativity and personal expression here. And let’s not forget that each of these models come with a seat pad that can be easily replaced and which is available in numerous colours.

Bertoia side chair

Bertoia side chair, also known as Bertoia dining chair is very similar to Diamond chair, although it is shaped not as lounge chair, but more as a conventional side chair which makes it ideal for a stylish and modern dining room. Bertoria side chair replicas are also very popular and can also benefit from custom-made Bertoia chair covers and cushions which are sure to add another aesthetical layer to them. Often advertised as Bertoia outdoor chair, this model from the collection is weather-resistant (which is a quality it shares with Diamond chair), making it just as suitable for your stylish patio. Black and gold variants are especially sought-after, although these models are somewhat more at home in sophisticated and elegant dining rooms. When it comes to outdoor use, white version remains the most popular choice for many, possibly because it creates a lovely contrast with greenery in your stylish patio, especially when you get them in a set of 4 for your table, or maybe a set of 2 for your porch.

Bertoia welded steel chairs for sale

If you are looking to buy a vintage Bertoia style chair for your home, there are many options to do that. Here at byBESPOEK, we offer you to get premium reproductions of these classic models at an exceptionally affordable price. Unlike many other Bertoria chair replicas out there, we took care to adjust cutting-edge production processes to the unique requirements of this design and thus make the manufacturing processes quicker, less costly and more efficient in terms of excess material which allows us to offer cheap Bertoria chairs without compromising on quality.

So, whether you are looking for Diamond wire frame or Bertoria side chair, we have you covered. And with plans to further expand our collection of Harry Bertoria chairs, we hope that we will continue to be able to offer the perfect solution for your home.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality