Rebuild American Forests

From Canada to Texas and from Oregon to Florida, the North American continent is rich in forests that seem to cover the land as far as eye can see. As sites of some of the most complex ecosystems on the planet and true factories of oxygen, the forests of America are deeply connected with each and every one of us and their preservation is one of the most important tasks for the citizens of the 21 st century.

Greener Future for your Children

The rich expanses of American forests are more than just natural landmarks. They are more than source of revenue and they are far from invulnerable. Ever-expanding urbanization paired with deforestation poses a clear and present danger to this invaluable natural resource, to the very thing that directly influences the quality of air we breathe, purity of water we drink and the health and wellbeing of our children.

Artist in the Spotlight – Hans J. Wegner

This legendary Danish designer has a special place in the history of modern art. From an early age, Wenger found his passion and started on a path toward a glittering career. At the tender age of fifteen years old he created his very first chair. His revolutionary designs have gone on to stand the test of time. Known as the ‘master of the chair’ for his many designs – up to 500 – his work changed the way we view furniture.

The Eames Chairs by Charles Eames

Are you looking for a simple and easy to maintain dining chair that is both functional and stylish? With our high-quality Eames chair replica, you get exactly that! The smooth and organically curved shell made in one piece is a common and recognizable trait of Eames plastic chairs that hints at a strong stylistic relation between several models including…