Mid Century Interior Design: Introduction to Mid Century Decor

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Mid century interior design is a unique aesthetic movement that developed and reached its peak over the course of couple of decades from the 1950s to 1970s. Born on the convergence of some of the most influential early 20th century design movements and profound post-war social changes, it grew into a truly unique design and architecture movement that secured a place for itself in the history of design.

Mid Century Modern Design: Redefining Modern Interiors

Mid Century Modern Design | byBespoek

Mid century modern design is the most influential art and design movement of the 20th century. It profoundly reshaped the aesthetics of the everyday, changing the way that we conceptualize space, furniture and our relation to the two. It introduced unprecedented experimentation that was paired with subtle, almost minimalist expression and focus on comfort, functionality and simple elegance.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom: Dressers, Lamps, Decor

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Mid century modern style has left a lasting mark on numerous fields of design, art and architecture, setting the stage for the emergence of a truly mid century modern home. With a continuous stylistic appeal combining all the rooms in a whole larger than a sum of its parts, mid century bedrooms still remain high on the list of spaces in your home where your personality can truly shine through clever design decisions.

Mid Century Modern Art and Artists: From artwork to design

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With their revolutionary approach to art, mid century modern artists helped blur the line between everyday objects and artwork, between artists and designers and between audience and creators. Their work is inseparably tied to the development of the aesthetics of the everyday and rooted in the idea that functionality and aesthetic value are two sides of the same coin, deserving equal attention.

Rebuild American Forests

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From Canada to Texas and from Oregon to Florida, the North American continent is rich in forests that seem to cover the land as far as eye can see. As sites of some of the most complex ecosystems on the planet and true factories of oxygen, the forests of America are deeply connected with each and every one of us and their preservation is one of the most important tasks for the citizens of the 21 st century.

Greener Future for your Children

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The rich expanses of American forests are more than just natural landmarks. They are more than source of revenue and they are far from invulnerable. Ever-expanding urbanization paired with deforestation poses a clear and present danger to this invaluable natural resource, to the very thing that directly influences the quality of air we breathe, purity of water we drink and the health and wellbeing of our children.