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CH25 Easy chair

Hans J. Wegner’s CH25 Easy chair is a wood and wicker lounge chair in amazing mid-century style. Our premium reproduction of this iconic classic of Scandinavian design, is now for sale for a fraction of the original price.

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A classic Hans Wegner style lounge chair

A lounge chair in classic Hans J. Wegner style, Easy chair, also known by its designation CH25 is a classic piece of Scandinavian mid-century designer furniture originally designed for manufacturer Carl Hansen. Highly sought-after for decades after it first appeared on the markets, CH25 still shines with unique style and elegance that perfectly exemplify the key postulates of the Scandinavian design philosophy. Every enthusiast for the topic will immediately recognise the characteristics of Wegner’s genius in CH25 – clean and simple lines, harmonious yet stable form that is synonymous with comfort and the clever use of wood and other natural materials. If you already looked for Hans Wegner Easy chair for sale, you certainly know that it is considered a high-end piece of designer furniture today, but the famous CH25 can still be yours at an affordable price with our premium reproduction.

Premium reproduction of a classic Wegner design

Those familiar with Hans Wegner’s work know that this big name of Danish design always thought of himself first and foremost as a carpenter. This is why wood plays a prominent role in almost all of his designs, including the CH25 Easy lounge chair. The innovative approach to joinery and a keen eye for details are what made many of Wegner’s most iconic designs possible and same is true for this model. The characteristic shape of CH25 wooden frame is rooted in top-notch knowledge of woodworks, while the hand woven paper cord (wicker) seat is made by hand and it can take an experienced craftsman as much as ten hours to complete the characteristic Easy chair backrest and seat.

Top-notch craftsmanship for your home

Here at ByBespoek, our team of seasoned craftsmen will manually weave these elements for each of our Wegner CH25 Easy chair premium reproductions. The dedicated quality control procedures undertaken later in the manufacturing process will ensure that that the pattern on the backrest and the seat is flawless and of unprecedented quality, thus ensuring the longevity of each of our models. Unlike other Wegner Easy chair replicas for sale, our premium reproductions still rely on traditional approach to manufacturing of these elements in order to stand out among the competition with the quality that can be matched only by the original. The only departure from this approach is in this models which were originally produced through industrial process too, such as the composite Flag Halyard lounge chair.

Highest-quality materials from the best suppliers

When working with natural materials – and all Hans Wegner designs, including the iconic CH25 Easy lounge chair fall require us to do so – we pay special attention to the selection of highest-quality materials. Our experts in the field lose no time in visiting some of the best suppliers in the world, selecting only the top quality wood and wicker that are later used in the development of our designs.

Our Easy chair premium reproduction is made out of walnut sourced from North America and North Europe, which ensures not only the highest quality and the beautiful texture, but also that we rely only on renewable sources of raw wood. Similarly to this, all batches of paper cord are tested for quality, stress-resistance, tear-resistance and structural integrity. The end result is a flawless Wegner Easy lounge chair premium reproduction that will certainly last for decades to come with unwavering quality and undiminished appeal.

Classic mid-century elegance for your modern home

Hans Wegner’s CH25 Easy chair is not only a perfect example of his approach to furniture design, but also a true icon of Scandinavian mid-century design chairs as a whole. The elegant frame of the chair is rather minimalist, based on clear lines. A glance at the side of the chair reveals what at first glance seems to be a simple form, based on elegant arches of the legs of the back legs of the chair which seamlessly merge into the seating and straight lines supporting the armrests merging into the front legs.

Wegner’s Easy chair masterfully uses tapering and the interplay of round edges and flat surfaces to create a truly unique aesthetical expression that will bring a touch of classic elegance and style to your modern home, while being equally suitable for living room and dining room alike. At the same time, angled seat combined with broad armrests and comfortable and flexible paper cord seat and backrest will ensure optimal support and maximum comfort that is sure to charm you from the first time you sit in the iconic CH25 premium reproduction made by byBESPOEK.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality