When it comes to the biggest European airports there are so many instances where people spend long hours waiting for their next flight. Knowing the struggle The Danes developed a beautiful culture around their central traveling spot.

They spent many long hours studying how people travel to bring them the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

This is one of the main reasons why in Copenhagen airport you can see many different lounge areas, spacious rooms and Scandinavian furniture of course.

When it comes to Denmark’s most famous airport they focus on making sure you are super comfortable and on their identity.

In this article, we want to reveal to you the magic of Copenhagen airport and show you how their interior brings immense value to every passenger. You can steal some of their design secrets for your home as well.

Without further ado let’s reveal the topics that we will cover:

  1. Danish Identity and Series 7 chair
  2. Lounge Tour Time
  3. How Copenhagen Airport Stands Out?
  4. Magic of Lights
  5. Scandinavian Style Makes It Better

1. Danish Identity and Series 7 Chair

As we previously mentioned every single member of Copenhagen airport wants you to tell your friends about the best traveling experience. They also want you to know that you’ve come to Denmark by showing you their culture in the actual airport.

Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports had the greatest idea to combine beautiful and useful.

As he says, they concluded a study on how people travel whether they are alone in pairs and groups.

The reason for this is so they could arrange the room accordingly by making sure the chairs aren’t in long rows to prevent people from sitting in every second chair.

Instead, they arranged chairs in groups depending on whether people travel alone or in groups.

His idea was that the ones closest to the windows are upholstered so the people who want comfort can choose them more naturally.

The less upholstered ones were placed much nearer to the center for the people who are in the rush. These small details help airports depart much faster while providing maximum comfort to all the passengers.

One of the crucial architects, Nanna Wohlfeldt, emphasizes how important it is for the airport to use Danish furniture.

Her choice is black ash Series 7 chair as their main seating option. Besides the maximum comfort it provides, some of the chairs are also lacquered to give that variety every modern space needs.

When it comes to this iconic piece it represents strength and undeniable quality but it is also a clear reference to the Danish furniture design and cultural heritage.

Series 7 chair models can also be ideal for your living room area.

This piece is a great add-on to any modern interior while giving it that luxurious sense of class.

2. Lounge Tour Time

There are a couple of different lounges in Copenhagen airport, every single one with its unique design and atmosphere.

We’ve explored some of the more interesting ones to help you choose your favorite. Here we go:

Eventyr Lounge

Located in a non-Schengen area, the Eventyr lounge will require you to go through the passport control to enter.

Spacious and bright Eventyr lounge has the best view of them all. So if you are someone who enjoys elegant interiors with lots of food and drinks this lounge might be the one you want to visit.

Also before you enter this lounge you will be able to see the Corona chair

Prime Class Lounge

This lounge is the one that Qatar airways use for its business class passengers.

Even though it doesn’t have a view as grandiose as Eventyr, this lounge compensates with its upscale furnishing. You should also definitely visit the bar. It most likely has your favorite drink and a bartender that you can talk to if you’re bored.

SAS Gold Lounge

This lounge is available for star alliance gold customers or higher. It had a big renovation in 2018 and it has amazing Nordic Style decor as well.

Being an only lounge with a dedicated barista it might be the one you’ve been searching for especially if you are into coffee. In the lounge itself, you will be able to see some more iconic Scandinavian pieces like the Swan chair and Kennedy chair.

It is a perfect place if you want to relax,  find inspiration for your interior design or just enjoy the view.

3. How Copenhagen Airport Stands Out?

There are so many reasons why Copenhagen airport is regarded as one of the best ones in the whole of Europe. We wanted to know what makes it so unique?

Many different airports miss the important concept of identity that this airport shows at every single corner.

Danmarks’s pride has always been their furniture design and the way it shows class in every space.

This is what became the main component as well as a prideful representation of Danish comfort.

Many different iconic pieces decorate every major lounge area. The most comfortable ones are the Womb Chair and Danish cashmere Egg chair that you can also have in your modern home.

4. Magic Of Lights

Besides comfort, lighting also plays a major role in making Copenhagen airport stand out.

The number of daily, weekly, and monthly passengers increased drastically in the past couple of years and the airport needed extra space.

The new room is very bright and spacious, while the black ceiling is decorated with big round lamps.

However, there are many smaller table lamps next to the chairs in waiting rooms and lounge areas. We noticed that the AJ table lamp dominates as the main choice.

From aesthetics to the functionality it perfectly balances the best of both worlds. It represents Nordic simplicity and efficiency when it comes to decor and lighting. 

Artisans decided to combine it with Series 7 chairs the most due to similar aesthetics but we encourage you to try and mix them with different furniture pieces in your home as well.

When it comes to ceiling lamps, Artichoke lamps can be seen in the tax free shop and many other places at the airport.

5. Scandinavian Style Makes It Better

Yes, you heard it right, Scandinavian design will elevate every space to the next level.

However, we wanted to dive deeper into why it stands out?

From high-class airports to modern homes and restaurants, Nordic Design slowly but surely takes over the world as the main choice.

There are a couple of reasons why, and it is a combination of three things. Simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics.

Every single piece of Scandinavian furniture has that no-try-hard aesthetics that is backed up by great quality and a beautiful sight to see.

Choosing only the best natural materials you can find one of the greatest woodworks mixed with danish cashmere, marbles, and many more.

It’s your choice how you want to combine them in your home but be sure that no matter which combination you choose the result will always lead to high-end design.