Danish furniture is often visible in public places as well as in private homes which makes it a popular décor option for anyone longing for some Hygge in their lives. However, not many are aware of the popularity of Danish design even if they were familiar with the style itself. Thus, Danish furniture is very common amongst private homes as well as several public restaurants and prominent buildings all around the world. From apartments to tables and lamps, many different fields of design have been influenced by the unique contribution of Danish design, although one could argue that Danish furniture is perhaps the best-known example from all the Nordics. While some of the artists were focused on creating the perfect lighting, the others were devoted to creating the flawless seating solution. Despite the versatility of the Danish modern furniture, few of the prime examples of this generation’s styles are undoubtedly the world-famous Danish chairs which instantly bring to mind two of the most successful Danes, namely, Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner.

Danish Modern Furniture & Arne Jacobsen

Known not only for his furniture but also for his architectural endeavours, Jacobsen is the creator of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Royal Danish Embassy in London and the Parliament House in Pakistan. But when it comes to his iconic Danish furniture, one must mention that most of his inspiration for these famous Danish chairs was drawn from nature. This becomes obvious from the names as well as the looks of the models. Some of his most celebrated Danish designs are chairs referred to as the Ant, the Swan, the Egg and the Series 7 Chair. Based on his works, it is evident that he valued simple but effective styles. In addition, high functionality was also on top of his list of priorities, as is manifested in Series 7 models where comfort is complemented by functionality, embodied in the fact that they are easy to pile away and store in a small space.

Ever since it was first launched, Jacobsen’s Egg Chair found its place in many lobbies and public buildings not only in Denmark but throughout the world. From the SAS Royal Hotel to the McDonald’s restaurants, airports and the National Bank of Denmark, Jacobsen’s Danish furniture is undeniably modern and still widely used today. But make no mistake – while this Danish chair is often found in public places, one may argue, in line with its intended use, the simple yet elegant and highly aesthetic appearance make it easy to use in interior decoration as it fits in many décor styles. If you choose to buy this model, it might look just right in your office or conference room, but with a little imagination, this piece of Danish modern furniture can become an impressive addition to your living room. This classic fits best in rooms decorated in minimalist Scandinavian style and is especially striking when combined with other furniture in the same sophisticated colour scheme.

As a classic of modern Danish design furniture, this creation of Jacobsen is a must-have for anyone who admires the Scandinavian décor style. It has been said that Danish modern furniture could quite possibly be forgotten without the existence of Jacobsen which showcases his importance perfectly. The discreet elegance and simple, yet organic and fluid shape of his productions ensure a unique expression that will give any room a unique, exclusive look. What is more, with a variety of colours and materials available, you can buy the chair that fits your personal style perfectly.

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Danish Modern Furniture & Hans Wegner

In addition, one of the most complex works, yet the lightest Danish chair is definitely Wegner’s Y-Chair. With smoothly curved lines, organic shapes and natural materials, this is a prime example of the mid-century Danish design furniture. Sold in subtle and discreet colour variations, it is a perfect addition to homes decorated in classic Scandinavian style, but is also a good fit in many other décor styles due to its minimalist design. You can buy Wegner’s Wishbone Chairs in black if you want a more elegant look or in white for a lighter expression that will make the room feel more spacious and brighter. However, the uncoloured variants are, arguably, still the most popular since the natural texture and colour of wood perfectly fits with the simple and natural look of this icon. If you choose to buy this version of the CH24, you should keep in mind that different types of wood and finishes available result in somewhat different tones and expressions, so you can still choose the model that fits best in your preferred colour schemes while retaining the natural look that the Scandinavian style is famous for.

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Save Money by Investing in Quality Danish Furniture Designs

Any home that gets its inspiration from the mid-century minimalist Danish design would be thrilled to own as many pieces from the two aforementioned artists as possible. Whether you want to have one lavish lounge chair in your living room or a collection of dining chairs in your kitchen, it is still possible to start your home transformation into a blissful nest. The best aspect of Danish design is that all referred furniture is elegant in design as well as functional. Moreover, they will bring a touch of history that never goes out of style. Thus, by purchasing something with added value, such as quality and durability, will benefit you in the long run because these pieces are extremely stylish and beautiful, since the day one till many years to come. It is possible that some pieces will suffer from slight wear and tear but this usually means the cover of the seat. Typically, it is possible to replace the cover of the seat and this will add a few years to its lifespan by no doubt.