Whether you are searching for a vintage danish mid-century furniture or you just want to bring something new and fresh into your interior, we got you! There are many furniture pieces that are going to increase your interior look and upgrade it to that next level. Dining rooms had always been one of the most used places for all kinds of gatherings. It is just natural that you have the right kind of furniture in order to get all the attention in the room. At byBESPOEK there are a couple of chairs that are made for almost any modern dining or living room and we want to help you choose. Depending on your personal taste and preference you might lean towards one of the designs instead of another so let’s see where should you start.

A Timeless Classic – Can The Wishbone Chair Be Your Choice?

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It is always the best to start with a chair that you almost can’t go wrong with. But the mystery was always the question why is the Wishbone chair so popular? There is a couple of major factors why customers all around the world decide to choose this model for their home over and over again. Besides obvious beautiful aesthetics, durability plays a major role. The chair itself is very easy to move around the house and at the same time, it is easily stackable. Besides all these great feats, there is one fact that really hammers down the undisputable quality of the Wishbone chair and that thing is versatility. Even though this design is made primarily for living and dining rooms it works perfectly outdoors. If you have a bigger backyard or an interesting balcony Wishbone chair can be a cherry on top of a cake.

Kennedy Arm Chair – One Of The Most Recognizable Ones

danish mid-century furniture - kennedy arm chair

Sophisticated, yet blending into almost any type of home this chair is really unique in every meaning of the world. With its grand raise in popularity in 1960 during a CBS televised debate between American president John F. Kenedy and Richard Nickson, this chair started to be used more and more as the years passed by. Ideal for living rooms usually placed near fireplaces this model definitely represents one of the best pieces of danish modern design. Whether you are searching for a chair to complete your interior beautifully or just a dining seating option there is almost no chance for you to choose wrong with Kennedy Arm Chair.

Elbow Chair – Vintage Touch Combined With Simplicity

elbow chair danish mid-century furniture

Mid-century danish modern furniture always represented something that is in its core unique and hard to find. The same can be said for the Elbow Chair as the structure itself gives a completely different look than your average dining furniture. With a minimalist backrest formed around a gentle cradling curve to the foam-padded seat upholstered in a luxurious leatherette, this piece of design will surely give you what you need. Blending into the interior while simultaneously standing out with its unique form it is absolutely certain that this chair is built to last for many years to come. Many times we are searching for a vintage design that can fit into any modern type of home without ruining the current vibe. If there is a way to describe it this chair is surely that kind of seating option.

Borge Mogensen Chair – Is This Modern Masterpiece Your Type Of Design

As one of the biggest gems that vintage danish modern furniture has to offer, this chair is something that you should definitely consider for your dining and living room. What makes this chair very special is definitely its timeless and organic combination of solid wood frame and paper yearn seat. Besides the standard places in your home, this chair can also look good in various other locations like for example home office or even the backyard. What is also important to mention is the durability of the material. Aesthetics are always important but if there is no longevity we are missing the main part. Due to its great popularity among the customers and the middle class, this chair eared the nickname “Peoples Chair” which is still being used.

7 Chair – Vintage Combined With Elegance

Acquiring balance is always hard especially in a category such as dining furniture. Mid Century Danish modern design succeeded to nail this feat down countless of times and 7 Chair is definitely a real-life example of exactly that. The slick look that gives off that glamour vibe is mixed with the wood material that is made especially for dining. Available in many different colors this chair can also be great for kids in so many ways. Without any rough edges, it is very hard to hurt yourself as the chair itself is very smooth. If you are looking for an opportunity to combine that vintage look we all love with an amazon g shape that represents everything modern you most definitely won’t go wrong with this choice.

Brilliance Of Danish Design

No matter what kind of chair you prefer there is almost zero chance that you will choose wrongly with the design as refined as Danish. With advantages that so few posses mid-century Scandinavian styles come on top in so many different ways. Perfect harmony and simplicity are mixed with amazing prices so that almost any modern home can enjoy its benefits. In order to have a dining experience that will bring you joy and happiness with every new special gathering, it is crucial to make the atmosphere every guest will remember.

No matter if you are searching for something more simplistic like your classic Wishbone chair or you want something interesting that will quickly catch any eye byBESPOEK got you covered. What is important for any buyer to know is that no matter the price or beautiful aesthetics or the price one product may have quality is what counts the most. Its what makes your dining chair last and it is exactly something that is supported greatly at byBESPOEK.