Have you ever gone to a friend’s or family member’s house and just thought, “Wow! Their home decoration is amazing.”

Chances are, you probably have ( and so did we.)

That is exactly why we came up with the idea to reveal to you the secrets that will make people ask you who your interior designer was and how they can transform their home the same way.

We gathered the best tips from the pros to help you decorate your home interior better than any average person that might be trying to do something different.

There are so many different decoration styles but we do not want anyone to feel confused so we wanted to keep it pretty simple.

Here are the topics that we will cover in this article:
(You can jump to your favorite one if you don’t want to read everything).

1. Furniture layout secrets

2. How to make the most out of your colors?

3. Living room – styling secrets

4. Bedroom made to stand out

5. Nail your dining room look

6. Finding inspiration

1. Furniture layout secrets

Pay Attention to details

There is a great difference between average and extraordinary rooms.

More often than not, small details are what make a certain interior stand out from the rest. Home interior design is all about layout, so how do we structure our rooms?

First of all, you must study your room to see how to organize your space.

Be sure to take into consideration how your room is structured especially your doors, windows, and vents.

Your windows are essential for you to know if you want to place your womb chair or dining table near the light especially if you are someone who likes to read.

Be mindful of your heating and cooling devices. Try to position your sofas, chairs, and stools not so close to the source of heat or cold but at the safe distance.

One of the key points that will help you decide if you need curtains and where to place your seating can be your TV.

Depending on the positioning of your windows you will see if the light creates a glare on the TV so you can adjust its positioning based on that and decide whether you will put curtains or not.

Create more space

Besides making sure that your aesthetics look stunning it is also important to make sure your space makes it easy for you to move around the house.

It can be such a drag to always go around the bed, table, or sofa’s because you cannot take the easier route.
Especially if you have kids running around, it becomes super important for you to free as much space as you can so they do not hurt themselves in the process.

Add accessories

This one may come across as common knowledge but you would be surprised at how much people forget to add accessories in places where it matters.

We want to encourage you to choose them yourself based on your personal preferences however some essentials that you can always use are: Interior plants, figurines, interesting-looking mugs, candles, and many more.

Your dining room and living room table, bed, and windows are all good places to put some of your favorite accessories however you can be creative here and place them in various places around the house.

2. How to make the most out of your colors?

Balance colors to design your home

We believe in a proven method that helps you structure your color design.

About 60% should be filled with your main color, 30% is for the second one, and the remaining 10% you should leave for the accent color.

This doesn’t mean you cannot combine more than three colors of course, however, be sure that all additional ones are a small add-on to the main ones.

When it comes to the choice of your colors our recommendation is to go for the colors that make your interior more spacious. Usually, those colors are lighter ones like light green, white, and baby blue.

To make a good balance combine your brighter colors with some edgier ones like black, dark brown, or red.

Walls play a major role

The colors of your walls shouldn’t be too aggressive and in most cases, light colors prove as the best when dominant.

Adding some interesting wall art can additionally boost the look of your interior and grab the attention of your friends and family.

Adding additional layers to the color of your walls can be very brave and if done correctly can give you some great results. This can also make your home stand out so much in the terms of aesthetics as not so many people decide to be so bold when it comes to the colors of their walls.

Avoid these colors in your home interior

There are some colors that you should just avoid in your home.
To be more precise certain colors should be avoided in certain rooms inside of your home. Let’s reveal them.

For starters never use red in your bedroom.

This color is responsible for intense emotional and physical reactions among so many people and in a place where we are searching to relax and rest this is never a good option.

Even though white has established itself as a basic bathroom color according to professionals like Ashley Baskin it seems that this color isn’t such a great choice.

The stains are most visible that way so your bathroom can easily become the worst-looking part of your home and nobody wants that.

Pros like Sam Whittaker home design expert and editor at The Golden say that brown is a no-no when it comes to your home’s exterior.He emphasizes that besides making your home boring and dull this can make it harder for you if you are thinking about selling your property in the future.

3. Living room – styling secrets

Here are some of the best tips to make the place you spend the most time in stand out.

Your living room first of all needs to be comfortable and have some attention-grabbing pieces of furniture that will make a major difference that separates you from the rest.

Lamps, lamps, and lamps. Yes, they are that important.

A fabulous-looking chandelier or a grandiose ceiling lamp is definitely what is going to separate your house’s interior design from the rest.

Make sure you adjust it to the interior, so no fancy chandeliers if your room does not already look the part.

Express your passion

Whether it is a large bookshelf or some action figurines we encourage you to decorate your space with things you are passionate about.

If you love plants, put some, and not just flowers, you can be creative here. Design your home in such a way that draws attention to what you love the most.

Some people have skateboards and longboards on their walls while others like to put some interesting toys, the choice is all yours.

Wall art magic

Your home interior needs to stand out.

When it comes to your living room placing some pictures can always be a good idea.

Express your taste through art and believe me your living room will become ten times more attractive.

How to make a statement?

Certain objects in your living room and home interior design just steal all the glory. They are usually larger than others and are in the center of your room.

If you are searching for a furniture piece, our womb chair can be the one you need to make the room stand out.
Visually pleasing, this king of comfort stands out when it comes to aesthetics.

4. Bedroom made to stand out

We all so many times wished that our bedroom just has that perfect look that screams comfort, beautiful aesthetics, and intimacy, so how to make that happen?

Here are some pro tips that will help you make your bedroom a true paradise that stands out from the rest.

Make it spacious

The bedroom is all about space and simplicity. The first step that will help you make your perfect bedroom is sure to remove all the unnecessary furniture.

Ideally, the only thing you need is a nightstand, a nice-looking bed, and maybe a wardrobe or a womb chair.
As we already said, stay away from the red color and fill the room with light colors.

Avoid busy bedroom

This essentially means to avoid crowded bedrooms, so no more furniture and objects than you need.
Creating one focal point will add to the calmness your bedroom needs.

Usually, that focal point can be your ceiling lamp but it can also be something else. Allow yourself to be as creative as you can.

Adjust the lightning

This is very important when it comes to bedrooms.
You want to adjust your windows and bed in such a way that you get enough natural light during the day.
Also, you want to make sure that you are not directly exposed to the sun, especially if you prefer to sleep longer.

5. Nail your dining room look

Finally, we’ve come to the dining room. Some would argue that this room is where we spend the most of the time with our family. Of course, this is a reason more to make sure it stands out from anything that looks ordinary.

Here are some pro tips to make it happen:

Make your dining area stand out

This is easier said than done but the answer is more simple than we think.
When it comes to Scandinavian furniture simplicity is something that makes it stand out from the rest. The same goes for your dining table.

Try to make it simple but standoffish.
Go with a classic that you can’t go wrong with like a wooden wishbone chair and a table of your choice.
Try not to make too many decorations and put a couple of accessories like interior plants or figurines.
Also, a good lamp can add to the whole vibe of your dining room.

Stabilize your dining space

To make sure your dining table and chairs keep their positioning at all times you should define that space with a rug or a carpet underneath.
Besides keeping your seating options stable you will also make it more obvious that this is the part that stands out.

Good lightning is important

As in any other room, lightning is a very important factor when it comes to dining. Making sure that the center of the room is bright will make it obvious that you know what you are doing.

6. Finding inspiration

When it comes to inspiration there is no better place to find what you need than social media.

Whether it is Pinterest, Instagram or Unsplash, finding interesting ideas has never been so easy.

We encourage you to visit our social media for some creativity boost that will help you add some magic to your already beautiful interior.