Which color should you choose for your wishbone chair?

When it comes to furniture as one of the world’s best sellers wishbone chair earned its status as a timeless classic among very tough competition. Besides a great price, outstanding design, and long-lasting quality this chair’s versatility made it quite popular as it can look amazing in so many different places around the house. If you want to make sure that you have chosen the right style, color, and place for your wishbone chair you need to find the one which fits your personality and personal style the most. We want to do our best in helping you make the best decision for your own interior and that is exactly why we want to give you a wide variety of options that you can choose from.

There are a lot of things that you can think about when choosing a perfect piece of furniture for your home, however, if you know what you want you just need to make sure you find the exact model that you’ve been looking for.Let’s get started!

Is the black wishbone chair a perfect choice for you?

Black furniture is always a good choice especially if you want to bring forth that slick and sophisticated look for your interior. Generally speaking black works amazing with colors that are kind of neutral by nature like cream, beige, and ivory however you can also combine black with white if you want to create that great feeling of balance and harmony.

When it comes to black wishbone chairs they work perfectly with wooden dining tables that have neutral natural wood color, but you can also use the same color for both tables and chairs. One of our recommendations is definitely to check our dining sets as they can give you so many interesting ideas on how to style your black seating options. The chairs also work perfectly well outside and can be a great seating option when combined with colors of nature.

Refresh your interior with white

Opposite of black, white color wishbone chairs are there to bring that bright feeling into the room. Even though they are tougher to maintain compared to their darker counterparts white wishbone chairs can show anyone how much you take care of your furniture and interior in general. White always brings forth that feeling of purity and a successful beginning, however, it can also symbolize things like innocence, humility, and perfection. While it works amazingly when combined with darker tones we recommend more to try and combine white with white as it can really bring out the best of your interior.

Magic of walnut wishbone

Black walnut wood has so many great benefits that made great designers and artisans all over the world choose to use it as the main material for their wishbone chairs. With its darker edgy look that is completely opposite from American ash and Californian oak, walnut is surely a material that makes any piece of furniture more unique. So what are those amazing feats that give walnut a slight edge among so many different materials? Well for starters it is very tight-grained and dense which contributes so much to the overall strength of the wood itself. The color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to dark chocolate in the heartwood. A vast majority of people are familiar with walnut in their deep chocolate or coffee color however it is only the center of the tree itself that bears the deep hues. This is called the heartwood and it may also have lighter browns, purples, grays, or reddish tints. We really wanted to make sure that our colored walnut has no difference from the color of the real walnut tree and that is why our artisans carefully studied its characteristic in order to make sure the color captivates all of its aesthetics.

Properties of American ash

American ash trees grow in the United States in mixed hardwood forests and they usually grow high in the mountains and low on the plains and coastal areas which gives the wood a great variety of character. They are most frequently found in mesophytic hardwood forests from Nova Scotia west to Minnesota, south to northern Florida, and southwest to eastern Texas. Opposite to our painted walnut, our oak and ash wishbones are both completely natural. As it matters to the color of the wood itself it is generally very light-colored with sapwood varying from white to yellow and heartwood from light to dark brown. Ash is straight-grained in most cases and its appearance has a very strong grain contrast between the softer summer growth and hard winter growth rings.

Due to the neutral colors that American ash has, it is very compatible with many different shades and locations around the house. The location that first comes to our mind is definitely the dining and living room however ash wishbone can work well as a seating option for your backyard or balcony.

The uniqueness of Californian oak

Californian red oak grows west of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Oakwood played such a major part in Californian culture as it was one of the main reasons why their population’s density has grown so much north of Mexico. As it matters to the color of Californian oak it is a bit darker than ash however it is still very bright compared to black and walnut colors. If you are someone who enjoys brighter colors you will most surely find joy in this type of wood as it will bring that natural feeling to your interior. Although it looks amazing combined with so many different types of furniture we recommend for the chairs to be around the dining table.

Besides our walnuts, black and white painted wishbone chairs that are natural beech wood all others are made of either oak or ash. Depending on your personal preference you have an option to choose between lighter and darker tones so it all honestly depends on the way you want your room to look. If you are going for a more standoffish and edgier type of vibe with a slight touch of sophistication we are definitely recommending you either our black or walnut versions. For a more bright and clean type of look, our ash oak and white versions will definitely do their thing. If you can’t decide why not combine both? Dark and bright tones always make an amazing combination!

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