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What’s the best Eames Chair replica?

Eames lounge chair is a luxurious and elegant armchair that is sure to bring unique elegance and style to your home. You can find premium-quality reproductions of this iconic model here at byBESPOEK.

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Defining the modern lounge chair: Legacy of the Eames couple

Coming in style with an elegant 1950s vibe, Eames lounge chair is one of the most sought-after high-end mid century designs to ever reach the global market. Designed in the 50s by a famous American designer couple Charles and Ray Eames, this stylish armchair has been inspired by the look of a worn-out baseball glove, according to its creators. With an exceptional understanding of ergonomics, the designer couple achieved exceptional success in their pursuit of creating a chair that will make you feel snug and nested in the warm and relaxing embrace of elegant high-end top aniline leather. Working towards this end, Charles and Ray Eames further developed the classic look of the classic English club chair and added their unique twist.

Ever since it first appeared on the market, Eames armchair remained a highly sought-after model which was just as suitable for stylish and elegant homes as for offices worthy of a big-time CEO. The unique sophisticated appeal of Charles Eames’ lounge chair has aged well (and what else could we expect from such a classy and stylish design!) and looks as stunning and elegant as it did more than 65 years ago when it was originally designed. With a perfect balance of exquisite style and exceptional comfort, Eames armchair is shining still shining with the same glow and brining unique mid century charm to modern homes all across the world, remaining the quintessential mid century modern armchair.

History of Eames lounge chair: How the classic was born

Back when it first appeared on the market, Eames armchair was considered to be revolutionary. And it was not only about the design, about the uniquely American twist on the Scandinavian aesthetic – the very production process necessary for the production of this vintage gem was completely unknown before it was developed and perfected by Charles and Ray Eames.

The designer couple relied on their rich experience in industrial design in order to create the iconic, now vintage Eames chair. The couple was involved in the war effort during the period of 1941-1945 when they were working on producing the necessities for the soldiers using the rather new principles of industrial mass-production. This expertise was later employed in the creation of Charles and Ray Eames chair. The most revolutionary part of this design was the molded plywood shell that was constructed using what was at the time cutting-edge industrial techniques, unseen before. Today, it is hard to imagine the revolutionary nature of something that seems so common now in the 21st century, but back in the day, the critics were absolutely amazed by the bold and innovative Eames molded plywood lounge chair as it was often called.

This design consists of three pieces of molded plywood – base, backrest, and a separate headrest. The original chair relied on rosewood veneer as a finish for these plywood parts, but today, it can be found in many other types of finishes, with cherry and walnut taking the lead due to their sturdiness and beautiful dark appeal rich in character and with visible wood grain. The plywood base was expanded with the use of black leather cushions and a matching lounge chair ottoman both made of top grain high quality leather or even in grain aniline leather. In a full set, Eames chair & ottoman speaks volumes of style and comfort, easily taking the center stage in every room.

Originally produced by Herman Miller and sold since 1956, the vintage Eames chair perfectly exemplified the characteristic post-war aesthetic rooted in a futuristic appeal that profoundly shaped the American sensibility when it comes to furniture design. Eames chair & lounge chair ottoman were a perfect match for the customers thirsty for high quality design that will bring luxurious comfort to their stylish homes and it wasn’t long before this design became a common sight not only in elegant and sophisticated homes and offices, but also in TV shows and movies where it got a completely new kind of exposure to the general public.

The Design Inspiration and Goals of the Charles Eames Lounge Chair

As on original design rooted in the classic aesthetic of American modernism, Eames lounge chair and ottoman are perhaps the finest addition to a modern home. With the smooth lines and carefully thought out angles, this masterpiece is as comfortable and relaxing as it looks. The warm appeal of wood and sophisticated elegance of premium black leather paired with the curved surfaces with exceptional precision brings together modernity and nature in a typical Americana style that made Eames’ lounge armchair so popular.

Charles and Ray Eames chair relies on 6-inch thick urethane foam cushions upholstered in luxurious black leather for exceptional comfort that it is well known for. The elegance of this design is best appreciated when you pay attention to truly extraordinary comfort that is achieved without the final design looking overstuffed or bulky. This lounge chair was built with comfort and use in mind and it uses little to no ornamental details, but instead focuses on simple elegance and appeal. All the aesthetical details are rooted just in the shape, lines and silhouette of the Eames lounge chair.

Vintage Eames lounge chair dimensions and specifications

The original Eames armchair was comprised of three distinct plywood shells with rosewood, cherry or walnut veneer and luxurious leather upholstery of the lounge chair. The cushions of the chair are all based on urethane foam and are six inches thick. The swivel mechanism is built into the cast base of the chair made out of cast aluminum painted in black and with natural rubber shock mounts, adjustable stainless steel base all coated with laminated wood shells. The dimensions of Eames lounge chair are 32 inches for height, 32.75 inches for width, and another 32.75 inches for seat depth. On the other hand, the matching lounge chair ottoman was 17.25 inches high and 21.5 inches deep.

The Best Eames chair replicas on the modern market

Every design which is as influential and impactful as an Eames lounger is bound to be copied, reproduced and modified countless times. Today, you can easily find countless Eames chair replicas and knock offs, as well as many look-alikes which are usually advertised as Eames style lounge chairs. Replica chairs can be a very good solution if you are not looking forward to getting a very hard hit on your valet. Make no mistakes, the original Eames chair is not just looking luxurious and high-end, it definitely is. With a hefty price tag attached to this mid century armchair, many people opt for replicas which can often be quite well-made.

But, this begs the question of how to choose the best Eames chair replica. There is a certain risk coming with this option. Even when reproduced, this model can be rather pricey and if you just focus on finding the cheap Eames chair replica that is nearby, you are risking of ending up with a low quality knock off or Eames style lounge chair that won’t exactly fulfill your demands and expectations. So, it is important to make sure that you contact a reliable seller.

Alternatively, if you are really looking for a vintage vibe, you can decide to purchase used Eames lounge chair. This might be a rather cheap option, but always make sure that the second-hand version is in good shape. If there is any need for restoration or re-upholstery, the price can get high fairly quickly and unexpectedly. The black leather of the Eames lounge chair and the lounge chair ottoman is usually the one with the least issues due to the color pigments that don’t get as easily decoloured.

Eames lounge chair premium reproduction at byBESPOEK

Here at byBESPOEK, you can get a premium-quality Eames lounge chair replica for just a fraction of the original cost, but with a guarantee of quality. With our unique approach to mid century replicas, we aim to recreate some of the most iconic designs, while at the same time keeping them affordable. In order to achieve this, we rely on our team of talented designers, experienced engineers and skillful craftsmen who work together to come up with a manufacturing process that will ensure that we stay true to the original chair design specifications and all the characteristics that made the original so famous throughout the world, while at the same time cutting on the excess material and the unnecessary costs.

What’s more, with our Eames chair replicas, you don’t have to pay for the name of the original manufacturer which can often inflate the price way beyond expectations. Also if a product arrives damaged due to any issues during the transport we’ll offer free shipping back to us. Some of our product top features include extra soft foam headrest, memory foam cushions, shock mounts, chrome chair base, metal base a commercial graded stitch type(#301) making this one of the best products with lots of customers reviews and product ratings. Because of all these features, even though this is mainly used as a lounger some customers choose to use this as a gaming chair or even as office chairs for their home offices.

So, if you are looking for the best Eames chair replica out there in top grain, vegan, or grain aniline leather, we strongly encourage you to take a look at the reviews of our customers. We are very confident in our ability to flawlessly recreate this iconic mid century armchair so that it matches the original flawlessly, down to the smallest detail, offering the same comfort and quality at just a fraction of the original price.

Styling with the Eames lounge chair

This classic American lounge is best used in elegant and stylish homes and offices where it will be more than just an aesthetic addition – Charles E. always kept the use of his lounge chair in mind, so it would be a shame to let that effort go to waste. You should also keep in mind that Eames armchair comes with a very strong stylistic and aesthetical statement and it will more often than not be the accent piece that will steal most of the attention. So, be sure to keep this in mind and not clutter your living room with unnecessary details that might end up creating an overcrowded feeling in the living area. If you feel like the Eames chair might not have the space it needs to truly shine, you might consider taking a look at some other models, like a much more minimalist Coconut chair by George Nelson.

While black and dark brown top grain leather is considered to be standard for Eames lounge chair & ottoman, today, you can also get your hands on many other variants with the white Eames lounge chair being the most popular variation. Due to elegance and sophistication stemming from the core design characteristics of this model, you are unlikely to find it in vivid colors and it will much more often be available in a simple, yet sophisticated palette.