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Emfurn customer reviews and experiences

Designer furniture, especially when limited to a particular style or a cluster of similar styles is undoubtedly a niche product, so all of us in the industry get to know our colleagues relatively early on in our business. Or at least we get aware of them. Aside from some healthy competition that comes from this, we are also all aware that all of us have both strengths and weaknesses. For example, we take great pride in our vast collection of mid century modern dining chairs and lamps, premium-quality reproductions of some of the most iconic pieces from the era, while we are aware of comparably more humble offer of, for example, media stands or coffee tables. Some of our colleagues, on the other hand, specialize much more in exactly those products, thus contributing to a complete offer on the market.

Emfurn, known before as Elite Modern Furniture, still counts as a relatively young company, although they already have more than five years of experience on the market. Once you enter their website, you are greeted with a simple design that has a bit of an outdated vibe to it, but certainly makes up for it with great navigability. The top menu presents you with various categories from their offer some of which are organized according to the intended use of furniture (living room furniture, dining room furniture, etc.) while others (and we just love this!) organize the offer according to the style they belong to (for example, mid century modern, contemporary or industrial). They even included a category of ‘Mad Men’ which hints to the style featured in AMC’s hit show of the same name, representing the glamorous modernist style of the 60s.

If you take a look at their rather wide offer, you will find a number of very different designs, so we are pretty sure that Emfurn can offer something for everybody. However, on a closer look, we couldn’t help but notice that some of the most iconic classics and masterpieces from various eras and styles covered on the website are missing, including a huge part of famous Scandinavian designs from the mid century era. Of course, this is not necessarily a downside as such, but more a decision by the management to focus on some pieces more than the others. However, as many lower-quality lookalikes are available, but not the time-tested originals, we cannot but feel a bit confused by this decision.

But of course, what matters the most when thinking about a company are its customers, the people with personal experience with Emfurn in this case. And today, one of the best ways to learn more about that is to check the online reviews written by different customers. In most cases, this will be enough to give you a general idea, but Emfurn is relatively specific in this regard as they have very, very limited number of reviews on big and trusted websites of the type such as TrustPilot. However, the ones that are present are overall positive, so they certainly have that going for them.

However, a deeper search for Emfurn reviews, customer experiences and quality of the products reveals a much more familiar conflicted view – while some of the customers seem to be very pleased with Emfurn, these positive reviews mostly talk about truly exceptional financing plan which allows you to buy even the most high-end designs at as low price as $25 per month. Paired with reasonable prices that fall just below the average in the industry, Emfurn reviews clearly show that this is a company with the well-developed plan to keep their products available for all.

But, on the other hand, the negative reviews focus on some more serious issues like incorrect information about the products or even lack of information. However, the biggest issue comes with some of the larger (and more exclusive) designs in their offer – some very important information is missing on the relevant pages, including the fact that many of these require ‘some’ assembly, as stated in small print. As originals of these products require no additional steps, this can be a decision made to ensure easier (and cheaper) packing and transport, but even in that case this relevant information should be made public for the customer and presented with more detail.

Aside from this, the Emfurn customers seem to complain about the lack of any chat service as well as almost constant unavailability of customer service team. Lack of almost any communication with customers seems to be a rather important critique repeated over and over again and is something that our colleagues should definitely look into in the future.