Building a Greener Future for your Children – You and Us Together

The rich expanses of American forests are more than just natural landmarks. They are more than source of revenue and they are far from invulnerable. Ever-expanding urbanization paired with deforestation poses a clear and present danger to this invaluable natural resource, to the very thing that directly influences the quality of air we breathe, purity of water we drink and the health and wellbeing of our children.

What will be the legacy of our generations?

Here at ByBespoek, we view rebuilding the forests and replenishing this awe-inspiring natural resource as perhaps the most important contribution to the future of the younger generations who will inherit the world we live in, with all of its flaws and all of its opportunities. This is why we invite you to join us in building a greener future together, to provide our children with an opportunity to breathe clean, fresh air, to play in the nature and to pass on to them a greener planet than the one we had.

Healthy forests for healthy children

There is more to forests than just their awe-inspiring beauty. These fresh air factories significantly contribute to the overall air quality all over the continent. With a well-known link between poor air quality and the onset of asthma, it comes as no surprise that reforestation efforts can be directly related to the decrease in the prevalence of asthma among the children. But even more than that – as proven by studies undertaken by World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a direct connection between proximity and accessibility of forests and the prevalence of childhood obesity. Proximity of nature seems to be highly efficient at stimulating physical activity in children and thus decreasing the risk of obesity.

Rebuilding the forests for a happy childhood and a bright future

We all know that play is probably the most important children’s activity, especially during the early age. Through play, children experience the world around them, learn about it and develop new skills in the process. Child psychologists took a deeper look at this relation and, maybe unsurprisingly, found out that playing in the nature, especially among trees is vastly superior to playing in urban environments or manmade playgrounds. According to Judith Heerwagen, a leading expert in the field, playing around trees can be directly linked to improvement in problem-solving, ability to respond to changing context, thinking out-of-the-box (also known as divergent thinking) and overall healthy development of cognitive abilities. At the same time, fieldwork experiments showed that stress in children can be decreased by spending time in the forests, and this is true for as much as 90% of children that took part in the tests.

Fighting ADHD the natural way

Attention deficit disorder is constantly on the rise in the United States despite all the efforts to bring it under control. However, a promising research of a newer date seems to indicate that spending time in nature and especially among trees has a very important role in preventing the onset of this condition. The authors behind the research have even confirmed that children who grew up in enclosed spaces have significantly more severe symptoms of ADHD as compared to children who grew up in contact with nature. But spending time among the trees is not only helpful in preventing the onset of ADHD, it has also shown to be highly beneficial to children who are already affected by this condition. An array of tests confirmed that children affected by this condition can significantly improve focus if they work on various attention-demanding activities (such as schoolwork) outdoors.