Our environment suffers tremendously on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, the one that is the most responsible for that is no other than a human.

We are so caught up in our lives that we many times forget how our planet suffers without us even knowing. In recent years Carbon Footprint has become one of the major reasons why our planet has a serious risk of global warming and climate change.

We know how serious this problem is for us and our future generations and that is exactly why we want to take action and responsibility.

While combining the knowledge and dedication of our experts we came to a conclusion that can not only save the environment but make you take the part and action as well.

By having smaller packages for our products we will manage to reduce carbon footprint immensely and see massive results in the upcoming years.

To help you understand how exactly this works here are the topics that we will cover:

  1. What is carbon footprint?
  2. Smaller package – less wastage
  3. How can you help?

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint or CO2 is essentially one of the main reasons why the term greenhouse effect even exists.

The total amount of greenhouse emissions that most often come from production essentially is the explanation for this phenomenon. It also includes a gas that is most often emitted by humans – carbon dioxide. There are some other ones like nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases, and methane.

There are several different ways on how an individual creates a carbon footprint but it’s usually transport, food, and housing.

Some of the worst effects that carbon footprint has on the environment are major droughts, tropical storms, and weather changes.

However, long-term ones like climate change and global warming can be fatal for our planet. Luckily there are some day-to-day steps that we can use to reduce the risk. Of course, one individual cannot change the situation but if we take responsibility as a collective thing can change.

Our business decided to take initiative and reduce wastage with a smart move that you can also be a part of.

Smaller Package – Less Wastage

Yes, you heard it right, one of the most efficient ways to reduce carbon footprint is by having a smaller package.
In our case, we reduced our furniture’s package and minimized the waste.

To get the maximum benefit for our environment we started implementing reuse and recycling of our packaging as well.

Making sure that wastage is reduced to its minimum is the priority for a healthier environment and this is something that we cannot do without your help.

Smaller packages require assembly of our products for them to fit.

We believe that assembly of the chairs can be a very fun way to get to know your seating option, but also a great way to show us your support towards a common goal of saving our environment and future generations.

How can you help?

Besides assembling your new chair and enjoying it there are some other things that we should all take into consideration to make sure our planet feels happy.

Individual responsibility is very important and we need to own it together.

So what are some things that we can all do to help our environment?

Drive Less

In 2017 carbon dioxide emissions from transport were bigger than the ones from electricity generation making it the main source of greenhouse gases.

However we need to be real, we are going to use our cars on an almost daily basis. 

So what can we do to reduce risk and save our planet long term? Drive more efficiently.

Going easier on the brakes and the gas as well as regular servicing your vehicle will decrease the greenhouse effect in the future. 

Low tire pressure means you will spend more fuel and more money so keep them in check at all times.

If there is any chance, try to cut air conditioning as much as possible, but also don’t carry more things that you need in your car.

Don’t Waste Food

This one is huge and is a topic that we all need to keep extra attention to.

Did you know that an average American citizen wastes approximately 40% of the food that they buy? 

That fact alone shows how much we should make sure not to buy more food than we can eat.

Here are some easy solutions that will help you save money and food at the same time. 🙂

Plan and extend your food’s life

Freezing is a great way to prolong your food’s lifespan but also reduce wastage. Also when you’re buying food make sure that you have a list of the ingredients you actually need. 

Planning well before cooking is also very important so you don’t make more food than you can eat. 

You can also take home those oversized portions from a restaurant and reuse leftovers for a new dish. 

Also, your pets might like what you’re eating too.

Make Changes in Your Home

Usually, the smallest of changes make the biggest of differences. The same applies to saving our environment. 

Here are some Einstein tips that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint from your home.

Turn of the Light

You’ve at least once heard your grandma say: Turn off the light, you’re wasting electrical power. At least I did, but she was so right. 

Putting them to sleep or turning them off when you are not in the room is a great way to keep them cool.

Laptops for the win

It’s much more common now but laptops are more efficient than desktop computers. They also take much less energy to run, charge and carry around the house or pretty much anywhere.

Also, some of them are even better when it comes to quality and performance so you’re not losing there either.