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Mid century modern leather chairs and armchairs

Enjoy unprecedented comfort and luxurious appeal of leather with some of the most iconic classics of mid century design. Browse our collection of modern leather chairs and find the best fit for your stylish home.

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Leather chairs for the modern home

Timelessly elegant and always in trend, leather is one of the most commonly used upholstery materials for high end, exclusive and luxurious furniture. Used for centuries in furniture production, leather is a material that comes with many exceptional qualities that stem from its natural properties. As a natural material, it easily dissipates heat, ensuring comfortable temperature in all conditions, it absorbs and releases moisture so it never gets sticky like vinyl and some other synthetic materials do. And on top of it, leather has a unique classy appeal we all know and love. It ages gracefully and has amazing durability that is way ahead of other upholstery options. All these qualities make leather an almost ideal upholstery option for modern chairs.

Mid century leather chairs: Classics of modern design

Many of the most iconic leather armchairs were designed by some of the biggest names of mid century modern furniture design. Leather lounge chairs build up on the legacy of the classic English club chair, borrowing the same luxurious, high end appeal of this premium-quality material while developing further during the mid century years under the influence of Scandinavian design, the most influential design philosophy of the era, but also newly discovered ergonomic concerns and postulates. This is why mid century modern leather lounge chairs and armchairs are marked by exceptional comfort and flowing organic shapes that ensure optimal support and maximum comfort, while at the same time retaining a timelessly classic and elegant appeal. The famous lounge chair is often cited as the most famous example of this interconnectedness of styles and influences, while many experts in furniture design history name Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair as the earliest example of the kind that predates formally recognised period of Scandinavian design.

The perfect match between natural properties of leather and considerations of Scandinavian mid century design ensured the proliferation mid century leather chairs in various models and forms. From already mentioned leather lounge chairs and armchairs to stylish dining chairs with leather-upholstered seat and from leather rocking chairs to recliner chairs, this material proved to be one of the hits of the mid century modern design. However, lounge chairs remained arguably the most popular categories of designer furniture that relied heavily on leather. Leather wingback chairs as well as oversized leather chairs come with a truly unique appeal, serving as accent pieces that draw attention to themselves and their elegant and luxurious appeal. On the other hand leather swivel chairs with their increased adjustability and mobility can serve an additional practical purpose, finding their place in stylish offices and by elegant work desks.

Leather office chairs

While leather living room chairs or leather dining chairs might seem to be a bit too much for some, this upholstery type is always at home in any stylish office. With elegant and luxurious appeal of leather, it isn’t hard to see how any working space can benefit from a statement piece such as modern leather chair that will speak volumes about your refined taste and love for the finer things in life. A good leather office chair will not only ensure much needed comfort and ergonomic support during long working hours, but will also make you truly feel like a boss in your office and inspire you to get the work done.

Black leather office chair has been the most popular choice for decades and it is no surprise, as black has always been associated with simple, yet sophisticated elegance with just a touch of luxury. For equally elegant, but even more attention-grabbing option, some might go for white leather office chairs which are sure to add to the unique and personal feel of your workspace. And those of you who aren’t a fan of either extreme, you can take a classic mid century modern option – an elegant brown leather office chair which will not take too much attention away from the rest of the room, but will come with the same stylistic touch and timeless, yet somewhat vintage elegance.

As ergonomics, functionality and mobility played a crucial role in the development of modern office chairs, these leather office chairs will come with a swivel that will allow for increased mobility and adjustability, which is something that they borrowed from the classic models that preceded them, like for example Arne Jacobsen’s Egg lounge chair. Most of the models in question are available both as faux and genuine leather office chairs.

Buying leather chairs

Regardless of whether you are looking to get a high back leather chair, accent leather chair or maybe dining leather chair, there is always the question of where should you get your new furniture. While markets such as Ikea or online stores such as eBay might seem like a good idea, it is important to make sure that you are not risking getting a product of the lower quality or faux leather chair. Of course, some prefer faux to genuine leather chairs because of environmental concerns, but in those situations it is even more important to make sure that the product you will get is of premium quality.

Here at byBESPOEK you can find some of the most iconic mid century modern leather lounge chairs, alongside the classic leather kitchen and dining chairs, club chairs and leather office designer chairs. All of these models come with their own unique aesthetic expression and with a rich history behind them. As different models are intended to serve different purposes, be sure to make the right decision, based on your needs as well as your personal style and preferences. All byBESPOEK leather chairs can be purchased in premium leather and in faux (eco) leather, and this is true even for the classic models that were originally produced in natural leather only, such as Wegner’s Wing armchair.

Styling with leather chairs

It is unnecessary to mention that leather chairs are very powerful statement pieces and accent chairs. They can easily dominate the room with their elegance and sophisticated appeal, catching the attention and profoundly shaping the feel of your home or office. So, it is important to make the right choice when making a purchase. Neutral options – classic elegant black, a bit eccentric yet luxurious white and vintage brown are pretty much safe choices – the can easily fit in with other décor elements and various color palettes. So, they can remain just as fitting even if you decide to redecorate your home and completely change the color scheme.

This versatility is much more pronounced with neutral colors than it would be with more vivid ones – just imagine trying to fit green or red leather chair in rooms of different styles. Of course, this should not stop you if you have a clear idea of what exactly are you trying to accomplish.

Leather chairs come in various models and various sub-types, so you can easily find the models that perfectly fit your personal preferences. And you can always use some pillows, throws or other decorative details to further tweak the aesthetic expression of your living room furniture. This approach is especially applicable to minimalist-looking lounge chairs such as George Nelson’s famous Coconut chair. In either case, however, leather chairs are bound to bring a touch of timeless elegance and refined sophistication to your home with a quality that is sure to last for many years to come.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality