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Mid century bar cabinet: A vintage addition to your home bar

Store your liquor collection in style or put it on elegant display with our collection of mid century modern bar and wine cabinets.

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If you like to indulge yourself every once in a while with a nice glass of wine, why not do it in style? With a mid century modern bar cabinet or wine cabinet you can add a nice vintage touch to your home bar and ensure a stylish and elegant liquor storage space that is sure to catch some attention. Perfectly blending functionality with style, vintage bar cabinets in mid century modern style are a perfect solution for any modern home. Even if you are not a big fan of drinking yourself, you can easily use these storage units to put all those bottles you got as gifts on a stylish display while at the same time adding a new layer of visual interest to your home. Your mid century modern home bar can truly shine with this addition and instantly create the warm and vintage ambience, transforming your living room into a scene straight of 1950s.

Between modern bar cabinet and vintage masterpiece

Mid century liquor cabinets are exceptionally streamlined and almost minimalist in their shape and form. With clear simple lines, lack of ornamentation and simple tapered legs, they are unimposingly stylish. Yet, at the same time, this simple elegance is at the same time their greatest strength. With wood as a preferred material, mid century wine cabinets can easily fit in in numerous contemporary interior design styles.

The legs that ensure that the base is never touching the floor play an important role of allowing the light to flow underneath the cabinet, thus reducing its visual footprint and preventing the room from looking cluttered. As majority of MCM cabinet models use just a transparent wood finish, the natural texture and color of wood will add a bit of dynamics and warmth to your home. Darker types of wood such as walnut will bring a more elegant aesthetic, while lighter woods are a better choice if you are looking for that bright and airy ambience. Or, why not go for oak with its prominent texture for a bit of a rustic feel that can be an ideal fit for French country style or boho chic, to name just a few.

Mid century bar cabinet: Large vs small

When it comes to the choice of the size, it comes as no surprise that the central determining factor here will be the available space in your home. Regardless of the streamlined form and tapered legs, a large mid century bar cabinet will still look too imposing, bulky and impractical in a small room, so you should always keep this in mind. On the other hand, if you have enough place to go with a larger model, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the abundance of storage space. While most of the models will have cabinet-style doors and storage space specifically designed for the storage of wine bottles, larger models often include additional hutches and drawers, which allows them to function as a well-rounded up mid century home bar.

Mid century bar cabinet for sale

If you are looking to buy a stylish vintage mid century bar cabinet, you will most likely have to look for it at the store specializing in period furniture. Despite their exceptional stylistic value, wine cabinets aren’t as popular today as they were in the past, so they can be a bit hard to get by regardless of the exact style you have in mind. But, if you know a shop or a website that works exclusively with mid century modern designs, the chances are much higher that you will manage to find a stylish bar cabinet for sale. Back in the 1950s, wine cabinets were considered to be a quintessential element of any stylish home bar and were especially common in more high-end homes. As such, they are inseparably tied to the mid century décor style as a whole.