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Mid century bar stools and counter height stools

Complete the decor of your modern kitchen with beautiful designer bar stools to match your counter. Comfortable and rich in vintage elegance, these designs can completely transform the visual expression of your home.

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Bar stools were once a type of furniture that can be found only in pubs and cafes, but today they can just as easily find their place in ordinary homes. Ever since counter became an element that can be included in stylish kitchens, the demand for bar stools skyrocketed and furniture designers were quick to respond. Today, counter stools are manufactured in a variety of different models, heights and materials. But not many models can get close to the perfect blend of simple elegance, modern style and impeccable functionality that characterizes mid century modern bar stools and counter stools. These designs marked by timeless stylishness that has truly stood the test of time continue to impress and find their place on the covers of interior design magazines and in countless stylish homes all over the globe.

Defining characteristics of mid century bar stools

With an amazing variety of different models of mid century modern counter stools, it can be quite challenging to find an element that connects them all in the greater whole aside from the core design principles and postulates that inspired the designers behind them. Some of these models include backrest and armrests (as such, they are also known as bar chairs), while others feature a more conventional design typical of the bar stools from previous era. Speaking of the former category, it is worth noting that many of the mid century bar chairs are further developments of some of the classic dining and lounge chairs from the same era. Many manufacturers specializing in the production of lookalikes have actually built their businesses on reimagining the classics such as plastic dining chairs in the form of a counter stools.

The latter category of more conventional mid century modern bar stools is just as varied, but also just as stylish. Classic wood, polished chrome, wrought iron, plywood and plastic have all been used as materials of choice for the production of these classic counter height stools, ensuring a huge variety of different models, with each of them coming with a distinct stylistic and aesthetical expression that is always rooted in the ideas of innovation, elegant simplicity and functionality. As ideal seating solutions for a modern kitchen with a counter, mid century style bar stools look as stylish today as they had decades ago when they first appeared on the modern market.

Mid century swivel bar stools Vs fixed base

The incorporation of swivel into seating solutions was yet another typically mid century modern invention. Of course, this does not mean that swivel wasn’t used before then, but it was during this era that adjustability and mobility offered by this innovation were first fully appreciated. Making their debut in office chairs, swivel was quickly incorporated into mid century counter stools and recognized as an absolute hit. Somewhat more common in stools as opposed to bar chairs, this innovation still left an important mark on the period designs of this type. Fixed base mid century stools do come with a more limited mobility, but they make up for it with their capacity for highly precise seating distribution and unprecedented seating comfort.

Danish mid century modern counter stools

As in many other aspects of furniture design, the Danish designers from the mid century era left their mark on bar stools too. If you are familiar with the characteristic Scandinavian twist on mid century modern style, you won’t be surprised by the fact that a vast majority of these models were produced out of wood, either in its raw form or as plywood. With their organic, yet almost minimalist form, precise and carefully thought out lines, and sculptural appearance that ensures a rich stylistic expression they are an ideal counter height seating solution for any stylish home that leans towards minimalism or Scandinavian subtlety when it comes to décor.

Mid century modern bar stools for sale

If you are feeling excited about getting some nice mid century modern counter height stools for you kitchen, you will be interested in the place where you can find mid century style bar stools for sale. Luckily, these iconic classics are still as popular as they have been when they first appeared on the market, so you can still get your hands on them, although you will most likely be required to find a retailer specializing in mid century style furniture. Here at byBESPOEK, we offer you to buy premium quality reproductions of some of the most famous mid century modern counter stools and bar stools and enjoy the classic and vintage elegance in quality that will last for many years to come.