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Mid century credenzas: A vintage storage solution

With an amazing vintage style and elegance that has stood the test of time, mid century credenzas are still among the most common storage elements in stylish and modern homes.

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Many of us have a bit of a habit of hoarding a bunch of stuff that we plan to use in one way or another at some point. Be it books, décor elements that we don’t know where to put just yet or something completely different, we can easily come to the point where we have a mess of things that clutter the room without contributing to its appeal and ambience – or even worse – that disturb the balance and eliminate our décor efforts in the blink of an eye. With a good storage unit such a credenza you can easily solve this issue, while adding an imposing stylistic element to your home.

Mid century modern credenzas are vintage classics that will not only provide you with unexpectedly lot of space for storage of things that you don’t need readily at hand, but will also do this while bringing a completely new layer of visual interest to the room you choose to place it in. At the same time, a stylish credenza will undoubtedly serve as a noticeable and impactful stylistic touch that will do wonders when it comes to getting that vintage 1950s vibe you’ve been aiming for.

Mid century modern credenza as a stylistic detail

There is no need to thoroughly explain the practical aspects of mid century modern credenzas. Just like storage solutions in any other style, they offer you plenty of storage space where you can keep things out of sight, while at the same time providing you with a relatively large top surface on which you can place various décor elements, things that are commonly used or even TV or a record player, thus transforming the credenza into a kind of improvised media console. But, what is unique to mid century modern credenzas is their stylistic and aesthetical expression that can have a profound impact on the overall décor of the room you choose to place it in.

Usually larger and more massive than the majority of furniture pieces in the same style, mid century credenzas almost always come with tapered and prominent legs which serve the important function of reducing the visual footprint of the piece, allowing the light to flow underneath and ensuring that the room doesn’t look cluttered. With absence of unnecessary ornaments as an important feature of mid century style, credenzas from this era are usually simple in appearance, although different textures of wood are sometimes used to create a bit of visual interest and break up the monotony. In larger pieces, some ornaments carved into wood might be present to break up the larger whole, but most commonly they also serve as handles for drawers and cabinets, in line with the form-follows-function postulate.

Styling with vintage mid century credenza

Credenzas are most commonly found in living room and bedrooms and the vintage models in mid century modern style are perfectly suitable for both. Their simple and streamlined appearance paired with the stylish appeal of wood will ensure an elegant expression that can easily match various décor styles – from those leaning towards minimalism such as Scandinavian style, to those that are based on more vivid or saturated colors and the abundance of décor elements. Of course, they are at their stylistic best when paired with other furniture in the same style.

If you want to make your mid century modern storage unit really shine, you should not hesitate from putting its top surface to good use. A house plant or two can create a lovely interplay between lush greenery of the leaves and the natural texture and look of wood. A stylish table lamp in MCM style can also do wonders and significantly boost the richness of the stylistic expression of your credenza. Or, if you are determined to keep it simple and minimal, then just add some little décor accessories, books, photos or paintings to help your mid century credenza blend into the overall décor of your home.

Colors and textures: Determining the visual appeal

Mid century credenzas are almost always coated with a transparent wood finish that will emphasize the natural texture and color. Colored models do exist, but they are much less common than ones relying on the natural appeal of wood. Because of this, the type of wood used is most commonly the determining factor when it comes to the visual appeal. Brighter wood types such as beech or ash are commonly used for those models inspired by airy and light expression so characteristic of Scandinavian style and Danish mid century credenza. Oak is also rather common and its rich texture and prominent wood grain can add a perfectly balanced rustic touch. However, walnut mid century modern credenzas undoubtedly steal the show here. The dark and elegant expression of this type of wood will ensure a glossy and classy look that is sure to catch some attention.

Mid century modern credenza for sale

Those of you looking to buy a mid century modern credenza might at first be happy to learn that the offer seems to be very large. However, a more detailed look will reveal a number of pieces which clearly stand out from the norms and postulates that shape the unique aesthetic of the mid century modern style. Some of these models might be too modern and minimalist, while others will be more in line with the traditional approach to décor with heavy ornamentation. So, if you want to find a truly mid century modern credenza for sale, you should focus on stores specializing in the period furniture, as they are the ones that are most likely to have a high-quality offer of designs that will perfectly suit your love for vintage elegance.