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Mid century modern desk chairs: Office furniture in vintage style

Add a beautiful desk chair to your office or work table and bring your interior design to a new level while ensuring an ideal ergonomic solution for prolonged periods of sitting.

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Office and desk chairs come with a set of demands and expectations somewhat different than those of the other types. Aside from the much needed comfort, proper back support and ergonomic considerations, desk chairs also need to be adjustable and ideally provide a certain degree of mobility. And while the pursuit of comfortableness is something that always marked good furniture design, it only got further emphasized as we started leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles and working jobs that are directly related to computer use. With those changes, comfortable sitting became also the question of health. Mid century modern office chairs were the first to offer a reliable solution for this challenge.

Mid century modern office chairs: Between ergonomics and design

From the early beginnings of the science of ergonomics, the experts in the field pointed out that many things we considered comfortable can be rather unhealthy for our bodies with prolonged periods of sitting in certain positions. So, the furniture designers were presented with yet another challenge – how to make a furniture which is both comfortable and suitable for long periods of use. As if this wasn’t enough the democratisation of the market and the emergence of affordable designer furniture added the aesthetic and stylistic considerations into the equation. Ever since office chair designs became the standard for stylish and elegant, yet comfortable and ergonomically designed leather office chair.

Mid century desk chairs with swivel

The majority of mid century modern office and desk chairs come with a swivel which allows much greater mobility and adjustability than fixed base chairs. Ever since the earliest appearance of moving parts, countless designers started incorporating this same innovation in their works. Very soon, swivel became an industry standard of mid century desk chairs and was readily embraced by other models, including lounge chairs too. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all mid century desk chairs include swivel. On the contrary, there are many models which aim to stay true to vintage appeal and create designs which are somewhere between a lounge chair and an office chair. Most of these models are upholstered and designed to provide optimal comfort and back support during prolonged use.

Mid century office and desk chairs in leather upholstery

Leather upholstery has become almost a standard for office furniture and this is far from a new trend. As evidenced by some of the most iconic mid century office and desk chairs, the elegant, sophisticated and luxurious appeal of leather was utilized in the 1950s (and before too). This hardly surprises since fabric upholstery cannot match leather when it comes to its unique shine, its high-end appeal and its very rich character and stylistic expression. As a perfect choice for a truly elegant room, leather was quickly recognized by CEOs and high-ranking officials, but it was during the mid century era that it was first popularized among the masses. Today, leather desk chairs can be found not only in the office, but also in many stylish homes.

Mid century desk chairs for sale

With their impeccable comfort, outstanding style and elegance that has stood the test of time, mid century modern desk chairs are still in high demand. Modern office chairs still draw inspiration from these timeless classics and it is not rare to see these mid century design in the most modern and stylish of workspaces today. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that you can easily find them through numerous retailer, websites and online auctions. But if you want to buy a mid century modern desk chair and avoid sometimes just too inflated price, you might be interested in looking at the reproduction market. Here at byBESPOEK, we offer you premium reproductions of some of the most famous classics from the mid century era and we warmly invite you to take a look at our collection.