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Mid century dining set: Vintage dining table sets for a modern home

A dining set is an all-in-one solution for your dining room that will ensure impeccable balance and perfect stylistic harmony of all your furniture, allowing you to easily transform your home into a mid century masterpiece.

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Dining sets are an ideal solution for all those who aren’t too keen on experimenting with mixing and matching different interior design elements, but are also not ready to cash out quite a sum for a professional to do it for them. This relatively affordable little cheat is an amazing alternative as it will provide you with a dining table and matching set of a number of dining chairs that have been handpicked for you by experts in interior design, so a synergy between them is absolutely guaranteed. So, all that you need to do is choose the dining room set that will fit in with the broader décor theme of your home and you can rest assured that the chairs and table you will get will undoubtedly be an absolute fit.

What makes up a mid century dining set?

The majority of mid century dining room sets include a single dining table and a number of dining chairs, with two, three, four, six and eight being the most common. Both the table and the chair will be in classic vintage MCM style and will flawlessly fit each other. The way that aesthetical expressions of the chairs and the table will intertwine to make an attention-grabbing centerpiece in your room is at the heart of the success of mid century dining sets. Of course, the possible combinations are practically unlimited, so it is hard to make a definitive answer to the question of what makes a mid century modern dining set so unique.

A wooden dining table is a quintessential and central element of a vast majority of mid century dining set. Of course, this does not mean that other materials such as plastic, for example, have not been used in the MCM style classics. On the contrary, some of the most iconic models, such as Saarinen Tulip table, are made exactly out of plastic-based materials. But, wood still takes the title of the material of choice for the designers from the era.

Vintage mid century dining set in a modern home

Wooden dining table is usually accompanied by dining chairs made of the same material and in the same style. In this case, the mid century dining table set is highly likely to include some of the classics designed by Scandinavian designers as these dining chairs come with the same elegant and simple expression combined with the raw beauty of wood. For a more contemporary and less rustic look, you might be interested in mid century modern dining room sets that include plastic or metal dining chairs.

In either case, with a variety of options, you are bound to find something that will match your taste. And whatever combination you choose, your new mid century dining room set is sure to bring a touch of elegance and that typical mid century modern vintage appeal.

Mid century modern outdoor dining set

If you are lucky enough to live in the area where you can enjoy warm periods of the year in the comfort of your backyard, you might be interested in getting some stylish patio furniture to accommodate your family and friends during those hot summer days and round up your décor efforts. And yet again, you can take a quick shortcut and save the money that you would spend on a professional designer by getting an outdoor dining set in the classic mid century modern style. Similarly to dining room sets, an outdoor dining set will come with a table and a set of chairs, all in the same style. But, all the pieces of the set will be made out of weather-resistant materials in order to allow for their outdoor use.

Mid century dining set for sale

Despite the fact that mid century modern furniture is still very popular, dining room sets in the same style can be rather hard to find. This is so because each mid century modern set is hand picked and assembled by an experienced designer in order to ensure a perfectly balanced and stylishly elegant aesthetic of your dining room. And this is not something that all furniture retailers are willing to invest it. Of course, you can still find various sets for sale maybe even in your town or on numerous sketchy websites, but just a bit longer look will quickly reveal a number of stylistic errors. So, if you want to make sure that you will invest in a truly elegant and stylish mid century dining room set, you should make sure you get it from a reliable retailer with experience in the period furniture and design postulates that helped shape it.