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Mid century dining table in elegant vintage style

A dining table is the central piece of your home, it’s that one point where the whole family gathers and where most memorable memories are made. So, make it stylish, beautiful and perfect for your needs with some of our classic mid century designs.

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The choice of the dining table is not something that should be rushed. Not only are you choosing the one furniture piece that will be consistently in active use day after day, but also the one that is bound to function as a central stylistic piece in your dining room. So if you have any kind of interest in interior design and décor, you won’t be looking for the generic dining tables that you can find in your local store. A dining room table should be a long term investment, so you will most likely be interested in models that have proven to be reliable, functional and timelessly elegant – and mid century design ticks all these boxes.

With their simple and minimalist appeal that borders with the rustic due to preference of wood as the primary and often only material, mid century modern dining tables will ensure a classic vintage look of your dining room. And with a variety of models, you can easily find the ones that will meet your demands, both in terms of pragmatic value and style. Here we will explore some of the most popular models with their unique features. But before that, let’s tackle the question of what makes mid century dining tables what they are.

What is a mid century dining room table?

Mid century dining tables are designed and manufactured in line with the core postulates and design philosophy that shaped other furniture pieces from the same era. This means that functionality, simple elegance and streamlined, almost minimalist appeal are the norm here. At the same time, mid century dining tables aimed to offer the answers to the demands of the 20th century and become the quintessential element of the modern home. In order to achieve this, the designers behind these classics paid special attention to the dimensions, joints and forms. The height was carefully calculated to ensure that the design can easily match the seating solutions from the era and become a flawlessly fitting part of the broader dining table set. The dining table itself has no unnecessary ornamentation and is more commonly than not made out of wood.

Mid century walnut dining tables are especially popular option for those looking to add a bit of classy elegance to their stylish homes. This is something that walnut excels at due to its darker shade and rich expression. With a proper wood finish, a walnut dining table will also get a unique shine that is sure to catch some attention. But, if you are looking for a lighter and more rustic expression, the models in lighter types of wood such as ash or beech might be of interest for you. Or, for the extreme of the spectra, why not try with a colored white mid century dining table. These models are a perfect fit for dining rooms decorated in Scandinavian mid century style that focuses on bright and airy expression that contributes to the openness of the space. But, at the same time, white mid century dining tables can easily fit in other contemporary décor styles, including those that are much more expressive and rich in saturated colors. You just have to keep in mind that it should always match other pieces of your dining room set.

Vintage mid century modern dining tables

Mid century modern dining tables that come with the most prominent vintage appeal are those that have a bit of a rustic touch to them. It can stem either from the prominent texture of the wood or the simple rectangular shape paired with unornamented tapered legs or both. But, it is important to note that if you are looking for that vintage feel, then you should think about your dining table set as a whole and not just one element. Not a single mid century modern dining table can create that retro ambience by itself.

You might want to consider with greater care the dining chairs that will accompany it if you want to ensure that your dining room will get that timeless yet vintage look. This consideration is necessary because despite of their clever design, mid century dining tables can be expressive only to a certain point. And the seating solutions will undoubtedly take some attention away from it. This is why it is recommended to always think of the mid century dining table set as a whole for best stylistic results.

Mid century modern expandable dining table

With their focus on practical demands, mid century furniture designers always looked for ways to make their designs more suitable for everyday use. So, it didn’t take long before mid century expandable dining tables appeared on the market. These designs feature a simple mechanism that will allow you to easily expand your table and get some extra space in no time. And when not needed, it can be collapsed back so it is not as imposing.

Mid century glass dining table

Despite wood being the preferred and much cherished material when it comes to mid century dining room tables, models in different materials do exist. However, in a majority of cases, it is still present in the legs and base of the table. Glass dining tables in mid century style usually come with very simple and fully transparent glass surface paired with more expressive and sculptural wooden base. As such, they come with a significantly more impactful appeal and character that will have easier time standing out and catching some attention.

Mid century round dining table

When it comes to the preferred shape of the dining room table surface, the situation is certainly less extreme than with the materials. Rectangular and round mid century dining tables appear roughly with the same frequency and both versions are highly sought-after and appreciated by décor enthusiasts. The ones with a circular surface are somewhat more common than mid century modern oval dining tables, but both types are a perfect fit for a modern and stylish dining room. With their smooth organic lines and unimposing aesthetic, mid century modern dining tables are sure to add a noticeable stylistic touch to your home and create space where you will make many new memories.