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Mid century lamps: Lamps & lighting fixtures in mid century modern style

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Mid century modern lighting solutions

When it comes to interior design, there is no other element that is so crucial, yet so underrated as lighting fixtures. And despite the fact that lamps, chandeliers and other types of lighting have been in our homes for centuries, they still tend to go unnoticed – well, at least when they don’t stand out awkwardly in the room. It might be somewhat surprising to learn that for a very significant part of history, not much thought was put into lamps used in homes of ordinary people. The German designers and masters of applied art did tackle this solution in the early years of the 20th century, but it wasn’t until the mid century era that lighting architecture really came to prominence. Soon after, there was a true proliferation of different models, from white ceramic table lamps to wood table lamps, and from traditional linen shade to utilisation of glass, plastic or metal.

A new approach to lighting

Mid century modern lamps were the first to tackle a number of problems. It was in this era that the visual appeal of a lamp was first seriously considered and that factors such as glare, refraction, reflection or light color and temperature have been taken into account. This is the reason why mid century modern lighting solutions became such a huge step from the previous era and why they are still highly valued today. From sleek and modern appearance of the lamp itself pioneered by Arne Jacobsen’s take on lighting architecture, to Poul Henningsen’s collection of lamps that aim to hide the light source and provide only soft, glare-free glow, these designs shaped the way we think about artificial light today. Mid century style lamps feature a variety of designs, from those which are sleek, minimalist, rooted in simple elegance and those which are much more elaborated, with sculptural appearance and multiple shades in different colors. With this amazing variety which never conflicts with functional demands of various types of lighting, vintage mid century lamps are an essential element of any modern and stylish home.

Mid century modern table lamps

A table lamp or a desk lamp is an integral element in every office or working space, but is also a common sight in a living room and even bedroom in the form of a bedside lamp. This type of lighting focuses on practical demands maybe even more than the others. We want our table lamps to be functional and provide light to the work surface in a directed manner, while protecting our eyes from the uncomfortable glare or direct exposure to the light source. This is where mid century modern table lamps absolutely excel! They are designed in such a way that the shade of the lamp eliminates the glow, while at the same ensuring that the light is carefully directed. Most mid century desk lamps are also fully adjustable so you can easily set the angle and the tilt as you need it. This will ensure optimal working conditions and light that won’t hurt the eyes, but will instead fulfill its highly pragmatic purpose.

If you are looking for mid century table lamps for sale, we warmly invite you to take a look at our collection and browse through our premium reproductions of some of the most iconic models from the period.

Mid century modern bedside lamps

Mid century modern bedside lamps often serve the same purpose, functioning as reading lights, but there are many models which instead aim to provide soft and ambient night light which won’t hurt the eyes once you turn it up. Modern bedside lamps thus come in a variety of shapes and forms, so you can easily find the model that will match your stylistic preferences. However, keep in mind that nightstand lamps were not as popular as the more conventional desk lamps during the mid century era, so you might have more chances to stumble across some more contemporary lighting solutions designed in mid century modern style. Bedside lamps in black and gold, but also in clear white are very popular for a more sophisticated and elegant feel, while decorative models, for example those with marble base, might be more suitable if your bedroom is decorated in a more playful and textured manner.

Mid century modern floor lamps

Floor lamps are a very practical lighting solution. They can be easily moved around in case you renovate and redecorate your apartment, so you don’t have to worry about electricity wiring and other problems you may encounter with pendants and chandeliers. Mid century floor lamps are usually designed in such a way to be fully adjustable when it comes to angle. In their form, they tend to be simple, yet elegant and usually resemble the characteristic pole lamps that were known in the previous eras too. As one of the widest category of vintage mid century lighting solutions, floor lamps come with a prominent diversity of models and colors, so you can easily find the one that fits your personal preferences flawlessly.

Mid century modern pendant lamps

Some of the most iconic and recognizable mid century modern lamps can be classified as pendant or hanging lamps. These models are among the most sophisticated masterpieces of the 1950s and 1960s lighting architecture, perfectly combining stylistic and functional requirements with the thorough understanding of how light behaves, how it reflects, refracts or diffuses. Most of these models feature multi-shade solutions which obscure the direct light source, thus preventing glare and uncomfortable sharp light, replacing it with soft, ambient and diffuse illumination that will not only change the mood of the room, but also serve all the practical purposes.

If your feel like your home needs a bit more stylish illumination, mid century modern pendant lamps might be a great way to start. You can easily find designs that will provide just as much light as the solutions you are currently using, but without the harsh glare and with a stylish and sculptural appearance. Browse our collection of premium reproductions of some of the most iconic mid century pendant and hanging lamps and find those which will illuminate your home with timeless elegance and sophisticated shine that will always be in style.

Mid century lamps for sale?

Whenever you decide to go for vintage and retro décor elements, you will face the challenge of actually finding a place where these designs can be sold. While many try to avoid this issue and get their designs from websites such as eBay of Amazon, this might not always be the best idea, as you are not sure if the replicas you will be getting can match the quality of the original. The same concern is present even when getting lamps which are just produced in mid century modern style. In order to ensure that you will get the product of a quality you expect, it is always advisable to order only from companies specializing in mid century modern lamps or furniture in general.

Here at byBESPOEK you can browse our collection of mid century modern lighting solutions that includes table and desk lamps, as well as pendant lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and even some stylish outdoor lamps and garden lights. The majority of models in our offer are premium reproductions of some of the most iconic classics of mid century modern design and can be yours for just a fraction of the original price.

Mid century modern style: Materials and appeal

Mid century modern lamps all feature a unique and characteristic style despite all the differences in their intended use, shape, form, size or material. They are all designed in such a way that they form follows their function and that their functionality is never in conflict with the aesthetic impact and stylistic expression that they bring into the space. Most of these models are made in modern materials that were very popular in that period and that are suitable for industrial production – which includes steel and plastic. However, there are also some modern lamps made in wood, brass or even ceramic. But, regardless of the exact material, they all come with a timeless elegance and quality that will last for many years to come.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality