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Mid century outdoor lamps and modern garden lights

Give your patio a new shine with our premium reproduction of classic mid century modern outdoor lamps and garden lighting solutions that are sure to illuminate warm summer nights in style.

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Modern outdoor lighting: Perfect lamps and garden lights for your patio

There’s no better way to spend a warm summer evening than enjoying with your friends, family or significant other in the fresh air and warm breeze. If you are lucky enough to have your own backyard or patio, you are perfectly familiar with the enjoyment of stargazing and enjoying in a nice relaxed conversation under the summer night sky. And what better way to chase away the darkness than with stylish garden lights set around the table or between outdoor chairs?

The amazingly innovative generation of mid century designers understood this too and they set out on a journey to create stylish, yet functional modern outdoor lighting solutions that continue to inspire to this day. These mid century outdoor lamps come in a variety of shapes and forms, from pendants and other hanging lighting solutions to always popular outdoor floor lamps perfect for a stylish patio and even outdoor wall lamps. All of them come with a specific primary function in mind, but also with a specific trademark characteristic which exemplify the unique approach of their original designer. Midcentury light fixtures thus became the classic models upon which subsequent developments were based.

Outdoor floor lamps for patio or how the form follows function

Floor lamps for patio are a perfect example of decades-old postulate that is as important today as it was in the early decades of the previous century. Easily movable and adjustable, they are highly functional and can quickly be brought exactly where you need them – for functional or aesthetical purposes, without difference. These garden lights usually come in a form of outdoor pole lamps or lamp posts, so they soar above the patio and provide glare-free and diffuse light from above, light of intensity which is just perfect for creating a balanced transition from the darkness of the night to the illuminated area of your patio.

Some of them are today reimagined as heat lamps – which provide warmth in addition to light and they are absolutely perfect solution for you if you live in part of the world where the summer nights are chilly, or if you enjoy the fresh air of early spring and late autumn lights too. These outdoor floor lamps can also be used for porches in order to draw attention to other décor elements and create a dreamy ambience surrounding your home.

Outdoor hanging lamps: Patio décor and pendant lights

Pendant lamps are among the most elegant and stylish lighting solutions which are highly sought-after and popular in practically all modern interior design styles. And, they are just as popular option for patio décor. Of course, putting up hanging lamps outdoors might be somewhat challenging if you don’t have the architecture supporting it, but then again, they can be just as effective as outdoor porch lighting solutions. When positioned cleverly, they can not only provide needed illumination during the evening hours, but will also act as aesthetical elements that can create a truly fairy tale like ambience in your backyard. Outdoor hanging lights can be used in a variety of ways, but are especially effective in providing the space with a completely new stylistic dimension when used around trees and other greenery.

Outdoor hanging lamps and pendants are also very easy to use in your décor effort as they don’t require much additional stylistic elements to create visual interest and communicate sophistication and elegance. As such, they are among the most popular garden lights on the modern market.

Decorative modern outdoor lighting: Outdoor solar lamps gas lamps

Of course, not all outdoor lighting solutions are used for practical purposes alone. In your backyard or patio, light is not just a necessity, but also a décor detail that creates contrast with the surrounding darkness and thus achieves its full aesthetical potential. Some models of wall sconce fixtures put additional emphasis on this aesthetic component and were designed in such a way. Outdoor solar lamps are a great example – while undoubtedly economical, these garden lights rarely have enough power to provide light that is truly functional. Instead, when placed across the backyard, outdoor solar lamps can create the illusion of fairy lights and ensure a truly dream-like ambience around your home.

Outdoor gas lamps are somewhat similar, although the intensity of light they provide is somewhat stronger in a majority of cases. However, gas lighting solutions for your patio come with a playful flame that will create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. On top of that, they come with an undoubtedly vintage and retro aesthetic in a majority of models, which can further emphasize the relaxed ambience of your patio, conjuring the images of simpler times.

Outdoor table lamps

Many prefer to illuminate their patio table with candles or other types of lighting that include real flame in order to utilize its dynamics and create a vivid, warm and inviting ambience. But, others rely on much more modern solution – outdoor table lamps. Many of these garden lights do mimic traditional lighting solutions with their form and shades, while other rely on a truly modern, sculptural and often abstract design to bring a touch of modernity to outdoor spaces which are usually viewed as opportunity to escape the busy world of electricity and quick-paced lifestyle. The contrast between the two can create a unique and completely new layer of visual interest and stylistic expression to your patio.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality