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Mid century table lamps: Vintage table lamps for modern home

Our collection of mid century table lamps includes some of the most iconic vintage classics designed by famous creators from the mid century era.

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Defining contemporary table lamps

A table lamp is one of the most functional and pragmatic pieces of furniture – it needs to provide directed light and illuminate the working surface without creating uncomfortable glare. But, despite this, the best models are those which blend these requirements with exceptional style and elegance. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that some of the most iconic classics have been designed by Scandinavian designers, big names of mid century modernist approach which puts the fusion of functionality and aesthetics in the forefront. Unique table lamps designed by these artists have played a crucial role in our understanding of lighting fixtures and their role in décor and interior design – and exactly this is at the root of importance of 1950s lamp and light fixtures design.

Mid century table lamps have thus set the standard for more contemporary solutions, profoundly shaping the idea of a modern table lamp or desk lamp. With a focus on functionality, a majority of these models allow you to easily change the tilt and angle of the shade, thus directing the light exactly where you need it. Their appearance is usually sleek, elegant and almost minimalist (as exemplified in Arne Jacobsen’s AJ collection), although there are some models which are focused more on ambient light, which allows them to utilize more sculptural and extravagant forms, while serving as accent lamp pieces.

Antique and vintage table lamps in a modern home

Mid century modern table lamps have truly aged gracefully and they look just as elegant and stylish as they did decades ago when they were first designed and manufactured. As such, they can fit in in countless modern interior design styles just as well as more contemporary table lamps can. They are absolutely essential for any space that aims to revive that unique mid century modern feel, and are also perfectly at home in contemporary minimalism, industrial design and eclectic style, among others. From white ceramic, brass or glass table lamps to those made out of metal or even more contemporary industrial materials such as plastic, brushed nickel or chrome, all of these models retain a bit of the aged and worn-out yet undoubtedly sophisticated and elegant aesthetic of the mid century era. However, different models are more suitable for some uses than for others, and this is something you should keep in mind when making your purchase. Resistance to elements is yet another concern that is very important if you plan to use your new lamps as patio lighting solutions.

Bedside table lamps

If you are looking for table lamps for bedroom, then you should maybe focus more on those models which have complex shades which completely obscure the direct light source and illuminate the room only with soft diffused light. This will ensure that your bedside lamp isn’t blinding you with harsh glow and uncomfortable glare, but instead provides just enough light without being too hard on the eyes. However, if you have a habit of reading in your bed, than a small table lamp with a shade that ensures precisely directed light might be more suitable option as it will provide greater intensity of illumination while still obscuring the light bulb and limiting the strong glow only where you need it.

Living room table lamps

On the other hand, if you are looking for a table lamp for living room, then you might consider completely different models. In this context, the role of the lamp will tend to be somewhat more versatile, as it can range from purely functional to aesthetical element. As a rule of thumb, tall table lamps are usually more suitable for the living room than the shorter models. This is true even if you intend to use them for reading, just like you would with a bedside lamp. However, as lounge chairs are significantly higher than beds, a tall table lamp is still a better choice for your living room as it will provide light at an optimal angle.

Choosing the shade of your table lamp

There are many different types of lamp shades and enthusiasts could talk for hours about different variations, sub-types and their pros and cons. However, when talking about mid century table lamps, we can make a distinction between two main types, those shades which provide directional light and those which provide diffuse light. The former completely surround the light bulb from all sides except one, working in a similar way as flashlight. The latter feature composite, complex or semi-transparent shades which obscure the light bulb completely, but allow the diffuse light to get through and illuminate the room. The former are mostly used to illuminate the working surface or as reading lamps, while the later are more commonly used to set the mood and change the atmosphere of a room.

Buying mid century modern table lamps

Just as with any vintage furniture, table lamps from the mid century era might be somewhat difficult to get. On top of dealing with very pricey options from original manufacturers, you will also have to be on the lookout for the low quality replicas if you decide to search for cheap table lamps that you can easily get. Websites such as eBay and Amazon and even companies such as Walmart sometimes do hide some good offers, so that might be a good, but still risky place to start. However, if you want to get the quality of the original designs combined with a low price of contemporary replicas, then we kindly invite you to browse our collection of mid century modern table lamps. All of the models in our offer are premium reproductions of some of the most iconic classics of mid century design which ensures both the style and the quality.

Styling with table lamps

Somewhere in between functional and aesthetical element, table lamps can be captivating décor elements and stylish additions to your modern home. However, the exact aesthetic expression will largely depend on the exact model you decide to buy, the lamp shade, materials used and color of the shade. We already discussed how tall table lamps usually serve slightly different function than small table lamps, but the two also come with different aesthetic expressions, with the former being somewhat more suitable for sleek, elegant and modern, maybe even somewhat minimalist style, and the latter being more vintage, warm and inviting. In a same manner, cordless cable lamps do come with increased mobility, but look significantly more contemporary than the alternative. Of course, colors too play an important role. The choice between black and white table lamp, or maybe some more vividly colored versions should always be made based on your overall décor and color scheme.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

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