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Mid century modern lighting: Vintage lighting fixtures for modern home

Illuminate your home and patio in style with beautiful vintage lighting fixtures from the mid century era. With a wide variety of models, you can easily find the ideal choice for you.

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Lighting has been an integral part of mid century modern style since its earliest days. And while lighting fixtures that fused stylish and sculptural appeal of the lamp itself with the glare-free and comfortable quality of light predate the golden era of mid century design, the 1950s and 1960s still played an important role in defining modern lighting and shaping it until it became what it is today. So, when we say mid century lamp today, we mostly think of elegantly simple designs that are intended to provide either precisely directed light to illuminate your desk or other working surface or soft, diffuse and ambient light that is primarily intended to contribute to the overall aesthetical expression of your home. As such, all the lighting fixture from this era are designed with a specific purpose in mind, but also in line with the form-follows-function postulate which shaped their unique aesthetic appeal and stylistic expression.

Mid century modern lamps

From tripod floor lamps, to table lamps and wall sconces, mid century light fixtures can completely transform the ambience of your home with some careful placement and clever choice of models. A majority of them are rather simple in their form and with functionality as their prime quality, but this does not mean that they are not stylish – on the contrary, mid century lamps are marked by sleek and clear lines that shape the precise silhouette. Sculptural in almost minimalist way, they are unimposing, but at the same time, they make their presence noticeable even when turned off.

Mid century modern lamps come in a variety of different shapes and forms – from tripod floor lamps resembling a reflector, to those more conventional designs with a traditional lampshade. But, at the same time, they are also available in a large number of different materials. While plastic and metal might be somewhat more common than the others, you can easily find models with fabric or paper shades, marble bases or even brass motifs.

Mid century bathroom lighting

Mid century bathroom lights come with the same diversity of models, forms and materials, although pendant (ceiling) lamps and wall sconces are arguably the most common type. Streamlined in their form and almost minimalist in their stylistic expression, these designs are nevertheless very rich in character and can provide a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow when combined with a stylish large mirror and a bathroom vanity in the same style. The use of highly reflective materials such as brass, aluminum or polished chrome is especially notable when it comes to mid century modern bathroom lighting.

Mid century modern ceiling light

Mid century hanging lights, also known as ceiling lights or simply pendants are a true trademark of the MCM style and a quintessential element in any home decorated in mid century modern style. This category, more than any other, includes a number of iconic classics which are in constant demand for decades. They come in a vast variety of shapes and forms, some of which aim to provide diffuse and ambient light, while others precisely direct it for optimal illumination of the surface. Glass, ceramics, metal and plastic are all commonly used in the production of mid century modern ceiling lights so you can easily find some period classics that will flawlessly fit in in your stylish home.

Mid century modern dining light

While many of the hanging lights from the mid century era have been specifically designed to be used in the living room, lounge or a studio, many models are intended to be placed in the dining room or the kitchen where they will illuminate the table without creating uncomfortable glare of harsh light that can irritate your eyes. Mid century modern dining lights come in a variety of forms, but are most commonly stylish pendants. Some feature elaborate shade systems which refract and reflect light in a soft, yet very elegant manner, while others simply obscure the light source from all sides except the bottom one, so that the table can be easily illuminated, without any glare or excess light in the room.

Mid century modern kitchen lighting is a subtype of dining lighting so hanging pendant models rule supreme here too. Kitchen lighting fixtures in MCM style focus on directed light more commonly than diffuse one, in order to provide you with optimal illumination while your preparing that delicious meal you love.

Mid century modern exterior lighting

If you are looking for a stylish exterior lighting solution, you will be glad to learn that there is a number of elegant mid century outdoor lighting options. These light fixtures are designed to be weather-resistant and to create a lovely fairytale-like ambience during those warm summer evenings you might decide to spend in your stylish patio. Some types of mid century modern exterior lighting are designed to place further emphasis on the architectural elements of your house itself (with wall sconces being the most common option) while others are mostly focused at illuminating the exterior of your home in a stylish and elegant way, yet with enough light that you can enjoy the fresh air without having to spend your time in barely illuminated dark.

Mid century reproduction lighting

With timeless elegance as one of the defining characteristics of mid century lighting fixtures, it comes as no surprise that these decades-old models are as sought-after today as they have been back when they first appeared on the market. But, with this popularity comes an often hefty price tag, mostly related to the fact that the original manufacturers still hold the patent and charge a significant amount for something as simple as their brand name. But, at the same time, this amazing popularity also led to the emergence of many reproductions that are available on the modern market. And while these mid century lighting reproductions can be an outstanding way to get the timeless vintage modern style for just a fraction of the original price, they also come with certain risks in regard to quality. So, the safest way to get your mid century lamp reproductions is to buy them from retailers specializing in the period furniture and lighting fixtures.

Here at byBESPOEK we take great pride in our extraordinary approach to replica production. All of our mid century modern lighting solutions are reproductions of some of the most iconic classics of the era and all of them have been manufactured according to the original design specifications and even more importantly, in line with the intention of the designer. This means that our team of talented young designers and expert engineers and craftsmen carefully study each blueprint to come up with the production process that will perfectly replicate the qualities of the original, while eliminating excess material and unnecessary cost. This allows us to offer premium quality products to our customers for an exceptionally affordable price.