Mid century bedroom design: Making bedroom furniture set

Bedroom is one room in the home that is truly all about you. It’s a private sanctuary for rest (and an occasional breakfast in bed – we got you there). And maybe paradoxically, throughout much of history, bedroom was a place where style was most directly manifested through impeccable and often high-end and luxurious designs. It is enough to just remember renaissance and medieval beds for royalty and nobility which were built to impress. But, in modern days, the stylistic expression of a bedroom is much more subtle and much less concerned with the status. Instead, bedroom today is about comfort, but also personal sense of style and elegance, about ambience that will make you feel cosy, safe and truly at home.

Defining a mid century bedroom

Mid century modern design left its lasting mark on numerous fields of art, design and architecture, including décor and interior designs. In fact, mid century modern homes are some of the most exemplary works of this style – architectural masterpieces which are decorated in impeccable MCM style. When we are talking about interior, they leave no room untouched, so bedrooms in mid century modern style have been known for decades for their exceptional elegance, comfort and cosiness. This unique aesthetic that made them recognisable and famous stems from the balanced combination of décor elements, furniture, arrangement and colour palette. Here we will explore some of its features that will help you create a stylish bedroom that will look as if it has been drawn by a mid century artist.

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Mid century modern bedroom furniture

Stylish and elegant, yet comfortable and functional furniture is what truly made mid century modern design so famous, so it comes as no surprise that bedrooms in this style first and foremost rely on classic pieces from the era for their unique appeal. From bed as undoubtedly central piece in the bedroom to nightstands, dressers, lamps and mirrors, the golden days of mid century design left a lasting legacy comprised of numerous iconic classics of this highly influential style. Mid century beds come in a variety of models – from sofa beds to king size and queen size models and from classic models with characteristic tapered legs to low-laying platform beds for a bit more contemporary expression.

Nightstand is yet another essential bedroom furniture piece when mid century modern style is considered. They are exceptionally stylish pieces of furniture that involve drawer or just a hutch with a door that allows you to store necessities you might need during the night, simultaneously providing you with a top surface ideal for your phone or a glass of water, but also for a stylish mid century table lamp that can help you add that classic finishing touch to your bedroom décor.

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Mid century bedroom dressers

Mid century bedroom dressers and cabinets borrow their style and functionality from nightstands from the same era, but take it up on a whole different level. As furniture pieces significantly larger than nightstands, mid century bedroom dressers will provide you with a significant storage space and a very large top surface. They are most commonly made in classic wood with just a transparent finish for that glossy appeal. Tapered legs are always a must for a recognisable mid century aesthetic and reduction of visual impact on the room, so that even the largest mid century bedroom dresser doesn’t make your room appear crowded or cluttered.

Mid century bedroom lamps

Once you buy just the right mid century bedroom lamp, you will understand why these lighting solutions are often the most cherished elements of a bedroom. When we talk about exact models, it might be hard to single out just a few. After all, there is no reason why not to put a stylish pendant or a floor lamp in your mid century modern bedroom. But, if you want to remain faithful to the style’s fundamentals, wall lamps and even more commonly table lamps will be the models that you will be searching for. Mid century bedroom lamps are not just an ideal addition to your nightstand or dresser, but are also the single most influential element that will illuminate your bedroom with soft and diffuse light that is easy on the eyes and that will set the mood and ambience to your desires.

Mid century bedroom furniture for sale

If you are looking to buy mid century bedroom furniture for your home, you will be glad to hear that these vintage and retro models are still as popular today as they have been decades ago, so you should have no problems finding them – if not at your local retailer, then you can try with online shops specialising in sales of mid century modern furniture. Getting an affordable offer, however, is a completely different story. With unwavering popularity of mid century bedroom furniture come somewhat higher prices. So if you are not looking forward to cashing out quite a significant sum, you can always look for stylish replicas of the pieces you were looking to buy.

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Mid century bedroom set

Another way to get an affordable offer that will at the same time ensure that all of your bedroom furniture pieces flawlessly match each other is to look for those retailers that offer you to buy a mid century bedroom set. A bedroom set is a collection of bedroom furniture, most commonly including a bed and one or several nightstands, cabinets and dressers. All of these models were either designed to match each other or hand-picked by a designer so that they ensure balance and continuity of style. Most retailers will offer significant discounts for bundles of this type.


Mid century modern bedrooms are relatively subtle and minimalist when it comes to décor accessories. Most of the stylistic expression comes from the furniture itself, as well as bed sheets, carpet and of course, stylish curtains – one of the most favourite décor elements of the era. But, at the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should abstain from adding some accessories as well. Far from it – mid century modern bedroom can greatly benefit from some subtle and stylish elements such as a house plant, a framed painting or a photograph, or even subtler decorations on the dressers and nightstands. In either case you should focus on those accessories which will be relatively unimposing and that will match your theme or colour palette.