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Mid century coffee table: Modern furniture addition to a stylish room

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No stylish living room is truly complete without a nice coffee table – or at least that is what a majority of interior designers will tell you. Of course, this will largely depend on the amount of the space you have available to work with as well as your habits and practical demands. Of course, coffee table is a term that might be a bit misleading. Far from being used for cup of coffee or tea, this highly functional interior design element can serve many other functions. You can use it to exhibit your house plants, cherished souvenirs, books, record players or anything else. As with many of the furniture pieces leaning heavily on the functional side (like shelves for example), your imagination is the only limitation here.

And whenever we talk about the convergence of style and functionality, it is impossible not to mention the style of furniture design and décor that was built precisely on the elegant mix of the two, namely the mid century modern design style. While it gained recognition primarily through seating and lighting solutions, mid century modern (often abbreviated to MCM) style is a much broader, encompassing interior décor style as well as a kind of design philosophy that relies on simple elegance and functionality to create a subtle, streamlined yet impactful aesthetic that is sure to impress without clutter and without aggressive attention grabbing. Balance and harmony hold the uppermost place in the list of priority alongside comfort, coziness and functionality. So, what is its stance on coffee tables?

Mid century wood coffee table

When it comes to the preferred materials of mid century design, wood is high on the list, so it comes as no surprise that nine out of ten coffee tables from the mid century era will be made out of wood. The different wood finishes and also types of wood will largely determine the overall aesthetic and stylistic impact of the coffee table. Mid century coffee tables in walnut come with a more elegant, dark and somewhat serious aesthetic, while the lighter types of wood can have a unique appeal ranging anywhere from rustic to stylishly elegant, airy and even minimalist. Colors have an even more profound effect, but when we are discussing mid century wooden coffee tables, natural and raw appeal of wood is most appreciated with black and white versions being somewhere more present than the others colored models. More vivid and saturated colors are most commonly present in DIY modifications and are less commonly found in authentic models from the era.

Mid century marble coffee table

Despite the popularity of wood, mid century coffee tables do come in a variety of different materials, including marble. While more commonly present as an element of wooden design, mid century marble coffee tables do exist and are usually especially stylish and elegant. With a touch of luxurious feel, they are an ideal match for stylish living rooms which already contain other elements in the same high-end style – think of leather armchairs or big cabinets in dark wood. However, many of these designs tend to tune down this classy feel by an even greater emphasis on minimalism. These mid century marble coffee tables can thus be perfectly suitable for more minimalist and contemporary interior décor.

Mid century glass coffee table

Glass is one of those materials that will never go out of style. Rich in aesthetic value and unique timeless appeal, glass has been used in numerous designs from the era. Mid century glass coffee tables come in a variety of stylistic expressions – from the small coffee tables that don’t draw too much attention to relatively large designs with imposing glass plates. Just like in previous examples, glass elements are most commonly matched with wooden base in order to retain that authentic mid century aesthetic we all know and love. The way that this is done is by combining a glass surface with wooden typical mid century coffee table legs. The same approach is present not just in glass, but also in marble, metal and plastic models as well.

Vintage mid century coffee tables in a modern home

Regardless of a variety of existing models of coffee tables from the mid century era, their aesthetic expression and the stylistic impact on a space will mostly be determined by the way that the model you chose ties into the overall décor of your home. For example, white mid century coffee tables would be most suitable choice if you can match them with other elements of the same color, while the natural wooden texture might be a better solution for the room that is abundant in white. Or, why not match both with a white surface and wooden coffee table legs?

In a similar manner, small mid century coffee table will do wonders for the atmosphere of your living room if it is combined with larger pieces of furniture like lounge chairs, sofas and large cabinets or TV stands. On the other hand, if you place it in a room that has only furniture with small footprint, you may end up with a bit of a sterile and empty appeal which might not be what you originally had in mind. In either case, feel free to experiment and follow the general interior design guidelines while the timeless elegance of mid century coffee tables will take care of the rest and make your task that much easier.