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Mid century modern rocking chair

Rock your worries away in style with one of our vintage mid century modern rocking chairs. This uncommon type of chair will add a new layer of visual interest to your home while preserving the balance and continuity of style and decor.

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There aren’t many chair models that can be so effective at grabbing the attention of the viewer as a rocking chair. Despite rockers being familiar to all of us in one way or another, it is not that often that we get an opportunity to see one in person, let alone actively use it. It is exactly because of this that a rocking chair will always to be a bit bold, a bit innovative and unconventional element in any stylish home. Paired with mid century modern aesthetics and design postulates, this type of chairs can truly shine, bringing exceptional stylistic and practical value to your home. With sleek and modern form that is never to imposing, cozy upholstery and comfortable feel, mid century modern rocking chairs will allow you to just sit back, relax and rock your worries away.

Aesthetics of a mid century rocker

Mid century modern rocking chairs most commonly borrow their core elements from the lounge chairs designed in the same style. This means that they can easily serve as accent pieces with their sculptural yet almost minimalist form, cozy and inviting appeal and undoubtedly highly stylish and elegant appeal. With carefully thought out tilt of the backrest and almost mandatory armrests, mid century rockers are clearly designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. Many of these models have a wooden construction which only further emphasizes their vintage aesthetic, while the seat and backrest are covered by cushions upholstered in either fabric or leather.

However, some models instead utilize paper cord string or other similar materials for their woven seats that will completely change the stylistic impact of the rocking chair. And there are those who push the experimental approach even further, like famous RAR rocking chair that combines stainless steel Eiffel base with plastic shell and wooden curved parts allowing the rocking motion.

Mid century rocking chair for sale

Rocking chairs aren’t as popular today as they have been in the previous decades, but they are still very much appreciated not just for their comfort and coziness, but also for their unique vintage appeal and aesthetic that can easily catch the attention. If you are looking to buy a mid century rocker, you will most likely have to do so through a retailer specializing in mid century modern furniture. By doing so, you will ensure that the rocker you will get will be in line with the design postulates that dominated the mid century era.