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Mid century table: From dining tables to kitchen and coffee tables

Coming in all shapes and forms, variety of aesthetic expressions and a number of different functions, mid century modern tables of all kinds are certainly among the most recognisable pieces of period furniture.

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The mid century era designs are world-famous for their sleek elegant lines and silhouettes, carefully designed organic shapes and timeless elegance that has truly stood the test of time. Defining and shaping the aesthetics of the everyday in more ways than one, mid century creators greatly contributed to the design principles and philosophies still employed in furniture production. The reach of MCM style is so great that many of us may own designs inspired by this unique era without even being aware of it. And tables are often the most represented designs of the type in a modern home.

Mid century modern tables brought an innovative focus on simple elegance with rejection of massive and heavily ornamented designs from the previous eras. A great care for functionality was paired with this appreciation of minimalism-infused aesthetics, resulting in designs that can easily fit in in countless contemporary interior design styles while still retaining that vintage vibe that made them famous decades ago when they first reached the modern markets.

Mid century dining tables and kitchen tables

Of course, the most common type of mid century modern tables is the kitchen table or the dining table. This comes as no surprise as these are the types of tables that are absolutely necessary in every home. Their functional aspects are strongly pronounced in every décor style, so it was only expected that the mid century designers turned their focus for them and tried to make them as practical as possible, without diminishing their aesthetic appeal.

Mid century modern kitchen tables come in a variety of different models. While wood is undoubtedly the preferred material of mid century designers, it is not uncommon to find models that incorporate different textures and materials such as steel or more commonly, glass. Mid century expandable tables also commonly found their place in stylish kitchens with their greatest strength being that they can be very space-effective – on one hand, they can take up relatively little room, but if needed, they can easily be expanded to provide additional space for those family gatherings and other social occasions taking place around the dining table with some nice snacks and maybe a glass of wine.

Vintage mid century modern dining tables also come in a variety of shapes. While rectangular models are viewed as the most conventional, oval and even completely round dining tables have been commonly designed and produced during the mid century era.

Mid century end tables and side tables

Mid century end tables and side tables can often be just as impactful as dining table, although they are used – stylistically and practically – in different ways. In fact, there are also some differences between side tables and end tables, although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. So, let’s first get this out of the way – the most important distinction between side tables and end tables is, as the names imply, their position in relation to other furniture pieces in a room. With this difference comes commonly larger surface of the side tables as compared to end tables, but these rules are not set in stone.

Mid century end tables are relatively small, most commonly rectangular in shape (although round models can also be found). They feature either the characteristic tapered legs featured in many different mid century designs or equally famous ‘hairpin’ legs which are a trademark of side tables and stools in mid century style (some desks too, although less commonly). Mid century side tables often come in the form of bedside tables as that approach is more fitting for the more general décor practices of the MCM style. But then again, with versatility of these designs coming from their sleek and minimalism-inspired form and beautiful texture of wood, they can be used in the living room just as easily.

Mid century modern coffee tables

Mid century modern coffee tables are exceptionally stylish solutions for the modern home. Usually somewhat lower than side tables and end tables, they also come with comparably larger top surface to accommodate not just cups of coffee and thus serve their functional purpose, but also various décor accessories which you might decide to put on them to ensure a stylish and elegant vibe in your home. Tapered or hairpin legs are both utilised in these designs, paired with most commonly rectangular top surface which commonly includes drawers or hutches for additional storage space.

However, an even more minimalist variation is available in the form of mid century modern round coffee tables. These usually have just a thin top surface with no additional storage space. Usually also smaller in diameter as compared to their rectangular counterpart, they are an especially popular décor option for homes which don’t have too much space to spare in the living room, but which are still in need of a stylish and elegant coffee table in mid century vibe.