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Mid century TV stand: Entertainment center in MCM style

Who says that TV stand is a purely functional element? Combine pragmatic value and classic vintage style with our premium-quality mid century modern TV stands and media consoles.

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Even in the computer era, TV is still a must-have element in the living room. And if you are not a fan of hanging TV straight on the wall, then you will need a nice TV stand that will fit in the overall décor of your room. The choice of exact model will undoubtedly depend on the interior design style you’re pursuing, but there are many variants that are rather versatile in terms of aesthetical impact. Mid century modern TV stands easily top the list when it comes to that category. With their timeless elegance and streamlined, almost minimalist design, they are an ideal choice for a modern home and are sure to impress with their classic appeal that has truly aged well.

What is a mid century modern TV console?

Mid century TV console or TV stand is a furniture piece that is defined by its streamlined form, elegant and minimalist silhouette and cleverly thought out design that relies on clear, precise lines to convey the core postulates of mid century modern style and embody the form follows function design philosophy. A vast majority of mid century TV consoles is made out of wood, usually with a transparent finish and rarer fully colored. Many of the models combine the two, with main elements relying on the natural texture and appeal of wood, while drawers, cabinet doors or other smaller features come fully colored, most commonly in white, sometimes in other neutral colors. Black mid century modern media cabinets can also be found and they are especially common in homes decorated in more contemporary minimalist manner.

Mid century modern TV stands are marked by a simple and elegant form without unnecessary ornamentation or extravagant shapes. Straight lines and 90 degrees angles are the norm here. Classic mid century TV unit is usually mounted on tapered legs which allow the light to flow underneath it, ensuring that the room doesn’t look too clattered and retains the aura of spaciousness. Cabinet doors, and drawers similar to those found in mid century credenzas are present in a majority of models and the upper surface of the TV stand is large enough to accommodate TV and some additional décor elements.

Mid century modern TV console in a modern home

All of these qualities allow mid century modern TV media cabinets to easily fit in in countless contemporary interior design styles. The contrast and tension between modern and rustic that marks all of these designs perfectly matches the contemporary sensibilities which often oscillate between these two extremes. As such, mid century modern TV console can either play into the rustic and vintage aesthetic for a retro fill or serve as a contrasting element that will, due to its sleek and extremely functional form, undoubtedly radiate with truly modernist glow.

Small mid century TV stand or a large one?

The choice between the two options will depend on the stylistic impact you wish to achieve, as well as the space that you can work with. If you have a relatively small living room, buying a large mid century modern media stand with additional shelves in the same style might not be the best idea as it can clutter the room and make it feel too small and confined. So, go down this road only if you have enough space to spare and allow the TV unit to function as a prominent, but not overly-imposing element. Small mid century TV stand is a great option not just for small living rooms. It can be equally stylish in larger spaces, especially if you are going for Scandinavian mid century style or some other décor vibe that leans strongly in the direction of minimalism and utilization of negative space.

Mid century modern TV cabinet for sale

If you are looking to buy a mid century modern TV console, you might be surprised by their availability. Due to timeless elegance and vintage appeal that has stood the test of time, TV stands in mid century modern style are still extremely sought-after. However, you would likely have to buy yours from a store specializing in the furniture from the era as stores with more general offer often tend to present contemporary rustic media stands and entertainment centers as vintage. While they may appear to come with a retro aesthetic, they will only rarely have the precise composition and elegant form that is unique to classic mid century modern TV stands.