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Our Guarantee

We understand how important furniture is for your home and what a long-term commitment it represents. Because of this, we remain completely dedicated to producing designs of the highest possible quality. And to reinforce this, we made sure that each and every product in our offer comes with a full guarantee.

When purchasing here at byBESPOEK, you will get premium-quality designs that come with a full guarantee covering a period of a whole year. With absolute confidence in the quality of our products, we offer an industry-leading guarantee knowing that our products are superior to that of our competitors.

Not only do we use only the highest-quality materials sourced by experts in material science for the production of our premium reproductions, based on the original design specifications of some of the most iconic classics of mid-century design, but we also include strict quality control procedures into our manufacturing process. By doing so, we ensure that no design will reach you without its quality being assessed at two points in our supply chain – immediately following production and upon arriving to our warehouse.

What’s in the small print?

Don’t panic, the small print is just us giving you the details you need to be aware of when purchasing. In the unlikely event that you receive a product you are not 100% happy with, contact us and we can start a claim for you. It’s hassle-free and we always strive to find a quick solution that works for both of us.

What’s not covered?

This manufacturer’s guarantee covers all production defects or issues with materials or workmanship. If the product is used in the prescribed way and becomes damaged, you are covered. We cannot cover damage caused by misuse or accidents, your unpacking or reasonable wear and tear. Our guarantee is valid for all product purchased from byBESPOEK, without exception.