Our Guarantee

Making a decision is always something that must be well thought over especially when you want to buy furniture that is going to last for many years to come.
As important as aesthetics always are making sure that the quality matches the overall expectations you haveis one of the crucial points when it comes to the choice you are going to make.

In order to know what kind of a return guarantee you as a customer possess read below with attention to detail. Likewise be kindly noted that we pride ourselves with furniture that has an amazing quality and outstanding durability. Therefore we always want to make sure that our customers receive furniture that is built to last and collect many happy memories along the way.

Important things to remember

Have in mind that you will be able to find all of the additional details that you should be aware of in our detailed policy. One of the more important things that you should look out for is what happens in case of an unlikely event, where for whatever reason you become unsatisfied with your new design. Our kind advice would always be to contact our lovely customer service via different channels such as phone, mail or chat. Once you get in touch with us we will help you in raising a claim while we aim to find the solution that will be the most beneficial for both parties.

What is not covered by the guarantee?

Our guarantee applies to each and every one of our products, without exception. It covers all the production defects as well as any issues caused by the low quality of the material or poor workmanship. In other words, if your product becomes damaged, the issue will be covered by the guarantee as long as you used it in the proper way. This means that we cannot cover the damage caused by misuse, accidents, unpacking or reasonable wear and tear.