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Papa Bear chair replica : Premium reproduction of Wegner’s lounge chair

A perfect blend of elegance and comfort, Hans Wegner’s Papa Bear chair is the Danish designer’s most famous Papa Bear chair. Give your home a touch of timeless mid century style with our premium reproduction of this classic of Scandinavian design.

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Papa Bear chair by the ‘Master of the Chair’

While he is certainly best known for his formidable collection of wooden dining chairs in the classic style of Danish modern, Hans J. Wegner showed his exceptional prowess and creative versatility by working on many other types of furniture, including his well-known and highly sought-after Lounge Papa Bear chairs. His Papa Bear chair is arguably the most famous of those and certainly the most recognizable.

Never before have the postulates of Scandinavian mid century design been so flawlessly applied to a Papa bear chair as with this famous model. Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair, also known as Teddy Bear chair on some markets, is an amazing statement piece, an accent chair that perfectly blends recognizable and sophisticated style with unprecedented comfort which was Wegner’s first priority when designing this amazing model. Rich in history, this popular Papa Bear chair available with a matching stool upholstered in the same material flawlessly combines everything Scandinavian design has to offer with the requirements of a modern consumer and all that in classic Wegner style.

Papa Bear chair – a synonym for comfort

Vintage Papa Bear chair is a design that has aged gracefully. Its elegance rooted in subtle, yet organic and inviting Scandinavian mid century modern design and the postulates of Dansih modern is truly timeless. The warm and cozy lounge chairs in mid-20th century style that was modeled after Wegner’s view of a warm and comfortable embrace by the bear paws – which maybe showcases the designer’s playful and optimistic imagination as well as his design expertise. With a solid wooden frame with exceptional joints, flawless tilt and carefully thought out angles that establish a strong base, Papa Bear chair shows that it has been designed with ergonomic concerns in mind.

The addition of springs in the backrest and cushions in rich upholstery of different types (but fabric, more commonly than leather), Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair is synonymous with comfort. It is cozy and inviting, making you wish to just relax, surrounded by the warm embrace of this one of a kind Papa Bear chair. And, with a matching Papa Bear chair and ottoman that can be purchased alongside the chair, this comfort is only elevated to an even greater heights. The fact that Wegner designed a matching ottoman for each of his Papa Bear chair (with the one matching the Ox lounge chairs being the most popular one) only goes further to show that comfort was the Danish designer’s first priority throughout his career.

Vintage Papa Bear chair for a modern home

In terms of its visual appeal, Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair is undoubtedly Scandinavian. Just a brief glimpse at this iconic classic reveals typical mid century modern elegance paired with classic Scandinavian fascination by flowing, organic shapes and forms, clear, simple lines and subtle elegance. Even though the vintage Papa Bear chair has been originally produced back in the early 1950s, it looks just as stylish today as it did back then. The variety of upholstery types and colors will allow the classic Papa Bear chair to easily fit in your modern home, regardless of the exact décor style you might be pursuing, but in every version, it is sure to add a touch of Denmark to your home. With a variety of models, you can easily find the one that perfectly matches your preferred color palette.

Papa Bear chair in Scandinavian mid century style

Warm and inviting upholstery that can reach exceptional levels of elegance with Papa Bear chair in leather is contrasted with subtle wooden details on the tips of the armrests and the legs of Hans Wegner Papa Bear armchair. The tapering legs of the Papa Bear chair are rich in character due to the rustic appeal and raw natural beauty of wood, but they serve another purpose – allowing the light to flow through the room easier. This subtle, but crucial detail is what makes Wegner’s Papa Bear chair look so stylish and elegant in living room, dining room, bedroom or to any rooms without creating the sense of clutter and without appearing to be massive and heavy.

Papa Bear chair for sale

If you are looking for Papa Bear chair original, you might be a bit disappointed with a rather hefty price tag. And, the price can get even higher with certain types of luxurious upholstery, with the Papa Bear chair leather upholstery being probably the most high-end variation of this classic. Original Papa Bear chair and ottoman can thus be rather problematic to get without a subsequent hit on your valet. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you might consider browsing eBay, and ask their customer service, or some other place where you could ideally get your hand on some Papa Bear chair replicas.

Papa Bear chair reproductions, replicas and knockoffs

When going down this road, it is important to be careful and pay special attention to the quality of the product. After all, you don’t want to end up with a cheap Papa Bear knockoff or Papa Bear chair replicas of questionable quality. So, if you want to avoid these problems to, we would gladly invite you to browse through our collection of exclusive Papa Bear chair reproductions of premium quality. With our unique approach to reproductions, we make an extra effort to perfectly reproduce the quality, the comfort and the style of the original, down to the smallest detail, while at the same time eliminating excess material and other unnecessary costs which allows us to keep our prices affordable to all. Call us now! Our customer service team are here to help you with your questions and inquiries.

Papa Bear chair reproduction of highest quality, along with matching ottoman can easily and affordably bring a touch of characteristic mid century modern elegance to your home and retain the same comfort, the same quality, for many years to come.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality