Poly and Bark customer reviews and experiences: Quality of products

Despite the immense world-wide popularity of mid century modern furniture, the world of retailers and manufacturers of high-quality or at least market-worthy reproductions is relatively limited. So, it comes as no surprise that all of us in the industry are at least aware of, if not familiar with our colleagues who are in the same business. Aside from honest (and oftentimes motivating) competition, in some cases we all have to acknowledge that a competitor might have an edge on us – which is fine because we will also have an edge in some other aspect. An example we often mention is the comparison between our wide offer of highest-quality reproductions of mid century modern chairs and our comparably more humble offer of media consoles or credenzas. So, we like to believe that each of us has something unique to offer and some advantage over the competitors.

Poly & Bark has many things going for it – from a nicely done website that is easy to navigate to a very cool foundation story that is in the sweet-spot between formal company foundation narrative and an informal story you could tell to your friends. They also seem to have a rather nice offer covering a number of different styles, including among others mid century modern style too. In other words, as soon as you enter the website, you feel intrigued and relatively comfortable browsing it.

However, by checking Poly and Bark reviews and customer experiences online we discover a huge discrepancy between delighted customers and those which seem to be disappointed in one or the other aspect of their service. So, let’s take a look at what are the week points and what are the strengths of Poly & Bark.

For starters, the company does offer a huge variety of products for surprisingly affordable prices. And unlike many of those specializing exclusively in mid century modern style, Poly & Bark offers many designs in different more contemporary styles, so one could argue that they offer is significantly wider than most. However, at the same time, this seems to imply that the company has yet to perfect their supply chain and ensure consistent quality of their designs. As we are mostly concerned with mid century modern style designs, we took a special look at them and some customers seem to have minor issues with the quality of the products – which after all isn’t that surprising. A wide offer makes it exceptionally difficult to secure only the best suppliers and manufacturers for niche products which in turn results in having to settle to the most readily available suppliers which can’t always offer top notch quality.

At the same time, Poly and Bark reviews show that our colleague company has yet to improve their logistic and customer service departments. Among the negative reviews, long delivery times and poor communication with customers (with slow and sometimes no reply from the CS team) absolutely take the top place. Of course, this is something that can be easily sorted out, but we know that saying that is easier than doing. Creating an outstanding customer service team is a difficult and time consuming task, but we would argue that it is well worth the effort. Similarly to that, timely delivery is something that is certainly achievable, but it comes with experience and trials and errors.

But, all of these shortcomings are somewhat mitigated by highly competitive prices which are arguably among the lowest on the furniture market. So, Poly & Bark customer experiences often highlight the fact that this company is very affordable, but with a downside of being a bit of a gamble when it comes to quality and certainly some frustration when it comes to delivery times and notoriously unresponsive customer service. Still, once your design arrives, more commonly than not, it will be an impressive piece that is much more affordable than in many other places.