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Poul Henningsen lamps and lighting fixtures: Everything about PH lamp replica

Known throughout the world for their amazing multi-shade design that eliminates glare and provides soft ambient light, collection of PH lamps by Poul Henningsen with his long time partner Louis Poulsen is still highly sought-after, decades after they were originally designed.

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Poul Henningsen: An innovator and creator

Poul Henningsen is a famous Danish author, critic, architect, designer and an overall intellectual who profoundly influenced the cultural life of Denmark between the World Wars. Poul Henningsen was born on September 09, 1894 in Copenhagen, Denmark and was the fourth child of Agnes Henningsen. His mother, Agnes Henningsen was a famous Danish writer and an activist. Poul studied in a technical school from 1911 to 1917. He studied Architecture but did not graduated in that technical school because Poul choose to follow his career as an inventor. He was known in his native Denmark simply as PH by his initials, he left a lasting mark on the philosophy of furniture design and anticipated modern trends and considerations in mid century lighting architecture. Maybe best-known for his collection of multi-shade PH lamps, Poul Henningsen was born with skilled talent and truly a man ahead of his time, accepting the ideas of progress and modernism and taking a firm stance in defense of experimentation and free individual expression.

Most of PH lighting fixtures have been designed by Poul Henningsen for long-term partner, manufacturer Louis Poulsen, who helped make these innovative sketches and ideas a reality. With iconic designs such as Snowball pendant light lamp or a collection of PH lamps including PH 3/2 table lamp, PH 2/1 or PH 4/3, to name just a few, this iconic duo kick-started a true revolution in lighting architecture.

PH lamps for modern home

The approach that Poul Henningsen did to lamp design was nothing short of revolutionary at the time. He aimed to eliminate the uncomfortable and harsh glare of the electric light that has only begin appearing in Scandinavian homes at the time, and replace it with more balanced, more ambient and glare free light. In his attempts to achieve this goal, Poul Henningsen developed a cutting-edge multi-shade design, with the help of Louis Poulsen that he utilized in almost all of his PH lamps. This approach designed by Poul Henningsen anticipated the modern approach to lighting architecture and was considered ground-breaking at the time. As odd as it might seem from this perspective, before Poul Henningsen and Louis Poulsen lighting approach, no one thought of using multiple shades to obscure the light source to glare free and illuminate the room only with soft, ambient and reflected light.

This same approach was successfully utilized in a number of different lamp designs – from pendant light solutions – designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen Lighting, to table lamps and floor lamps which are just as highly sought-after. Ever since his earliest beginnings in Copenhagen, Poul Henningsen with the help of his long time partner Louis Poulsen remained faithful to his vision of lighting architecture for the new century throughout his rich and fruitful career. Some of his works went on to become famous throughout the world, while others remained interesting only for collectors and enthusiasts. But in either case, all of PH lamps managed to perfectly embody the core postulates and ideas he developed very early on in his career.

PH Snowball: Exemplifying lighting designed by Poul Henningsen

A true gem of PH lamps collection, PH Snowball is a pendant light lamp – designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen Lighting, with as much as 8 individual shades, all playing an important role in cleverly reflecting the light source and obscuring the light bulb, illuminating the room (and the sculptural lamp itself) with soft ambient lighting. This combination of multi-shade system resulting in a sculptural and highly aesthetic appearance of the pendant light lamp itself and carefully planned reflection of light source is something that is a recognizable trademark of all Poul Henningsen lamps and with his lifelong collaboration with Louis Poulsen

Poul Henningsen PH5 lamp

A subtler and more minimalist twist on the Poul Henningsen Snowball, PH5 is a pendant light lamp – designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen Lighting, featuring a stylish and elegant three-shade design with the ambient light as in the previously discussed model. With numerous color combinations available, this model showcases yet another aspect of immense expertise and impeccable sense of light designed by Poul Henningsen – not only did the Danish designer took care about the way light is reflected, but also about how different colors of light mix together, creating a very specific ambience.

PH Artichoke: A crown of lamp collections

Arguably the most recognizable and sought-after Poul Henningsen pendant light lamp, PH Artichoke is a masterpiece of Scandinavian mid century modern lighting architecture and manufactured by Louis Poulsen. The multi-shade system is replaced by a complex and sculptural form comprised of 72 precisely positioned copper or aluminum leaves, organized in 12 unique rows, each containing six leaves. This amazingly complex and ambitious project is a crown of PH lamps collection and it brings all the characteristic features to the extreme levels of perfection. PH Artichoke pendant light lamp – designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen Lighting, is perfect for the kitchen or dining room where it will give your kitchen or your dining room additional beauty and attraction.The exemplifying unmatched expertise of Poul Henningsen in lighting architecture, PH Artichoke with collaboration with Louis Poulsen is known and loved all over the world for its sculptural and artistic appeal and soft diffused light.

Poul Henningsen lamp replicas

Buying a Poul Henningsen lamp replica is a very common alternative to ordering an often pricey PH original. If you opt for this option, it is very important to make sure that the quality of the product is comparable to that of the original. If you decide to buy a lamp replica – designed by Poul Henningsen here at ByBespoek, you can put these worries aside, because you will be investing not in your average PH knock off, but in a premium-quality reproduction that matches the original in every, even the smallest detail. Manufactured exactly according to the original design specifications and using the cutting-edge industrial technologies, our PH lamps are produced with great care for high quality and durability, but also for elimination of excess material and unnecessary costs which allows us to keep our designs affordable.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality