Platner Dining Chair

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Choosing only the best of the materials Platner Dining Chair premium reproduction brings the best out of your interior. The wire constructed base and cashmere wool cushions coexist in perfect balance bringing you a modern chair that will surely elevate the style of your home.

Which materials are used to make the Platner Dining Chair?
Our Platner chair consists of Danish Cashmere Wool and Polished #304 grade stainless steel. In order to create the feeling of maximum comfort we wanted to ensure that our craftsmen select only the best natural materials. Wrinkle resistance, softness and no scratchiness are just some of the reasons why danish cashmere wool is a synonym for comfort for so many years in the culture.
How long is the Platner dining chair on sale?
We always have some kind of sales going on! We really want to make our premium reproduction available for every modern home and our Platner dining chairs price is always in perfect balance between affordability and quality of our products. We wish you the best shopping experience ever!
Does this item require an assembly?
No, it doesn't. It arrives fully assembled.
How comfortable is the chair?
Unique design, amazing aesthetics and quality materials both coexist in perfect harmony that creates comfort. Danish cashmere wool combined with the firm structure of the backrest creates a brand new feeling of relaxation made to last for many years to come.
Where are the products made in?
The chairs are made in our overseas factory near the Yellow Mountains in Eastern Asia. Also, they are handmade by our craftsmen which means that they are crafted with special care and exceptional attention to detail :)
Is your Platner dining chair a replica?
Yes, our chair is a premium reproduction of one of the most iconic designs made by Warren Platner. Our mission is to bring you the best quality furniture that can be available to any type of modern home without overpricing. Using only the best danish cashmere wool our craftsmen created a furniture piece that brings the word comfort to a brand new level.
Where is the best fit for my Platner Dining Chair?
Combined with the Platner side table this amazing piece of design can shine in so many different places around the house. Usually they go well together in the living room as the center of attention, while highlighting all the other decorations at the same time. They are also amazing in offices, outdoor environments and of course they always give away the feeling of high class.
How to maintain and clean the Platner Dining Chair?
When it comes to maintenance of danish cashmere wool based products hand washing is always the best option. Our recommendation is to use a gentle wool wash product such as a mild detergent while immersing your garment in a solution of warm water. Also be sure to vacuum clean your cashmere wool on a regular basis. Use an upholstery attachment to gently vacuum your cushions, pillows, and structure of the furniture regularly. The build-up of dust and dirt, while microscopic, can lead to damage to the wool over time. Never use a vacuum rotary brush to clean your wool furniture, as this will damage the fabric.
Additional Information
  • Dimensions: 22 × 27.2 × 30 in
  • Features: The chair is fixed and does not swivel
  • Seat Height: 17.1 in
  • Material: Danish cashmere wool
  • Base Material: Polished #304 grade stainless steel
  • Assembly Requirements: None required, it comes fully assembled
  • No. of Cartons: 1
  • Guarantee: Up to 3 years