Rebuilding the American Forest – You and Us Together, for a Greener Future

From Canada to Texas and from Oregon to Florida, the North American continent is rich in forests that seem to cover the land as far as eye can see. As sites of some of the most complex ecosystems on the planet and true factories of oxygen, the forests of America are deeply connected with each and every one of us and their preservation is one of the most important tasks for the citizens of the 21 st century. Forests clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, they are home for 80% of all terrestrial life on the planet and provide ingredients for a third of all modern medications. With the invaluable place forests have in the life of the whole of America in mind, and as another company that, along with two million more Americans directly depends on the trees, we proudly invite you to join our Project 1000 trees and help us rebuild the forests of America, ensuring a greener and better future for the continent and for the generations that will inherit the planet from us.

Why plant a tree?

Leaves and barks of the trees are highly efficient at completely naturally purifying the air and releasing just pure oxygen into the atmosphere, while complex root systems developed in forests are probably the best water filter in existence that can easily eliminate impurities, while at the same time reducing the risks of floods and landslides. The social impact of forests can hardly be measured – from providing raw materials for cooking, heating and housing to supporting the two-million jobs lumber industry and playing a significant role in the US domestic food market. We can continue with the impact of forests on climate and health, but we are sure that the message is clear – rebuilding the American forest is probably the best investment into the future we can make together, as a society.

Project 1000 trees – You and us working together for a greener America

With our Project 1000 trees we hope to contribute to the ongoing reforestation efforts and do our part in building a greener and healthier America. And we would love to invite you to join us in this mission. For a small donation of 12$ that you are free to make with every purchase, we will plant 12 trees in the region of the United States of your choice. In order to achieve our goal of planting 1000 trees before the year’s end, we have teamed up with an expert in the reforestation field, a non-profit organization based in Vermont called One Tree Planted. With your good will and their expertise, we are confident that we will reach our goal together.