Why Red?

Red color is almost everything you would like to have in your interior as it always sparksthe attention and passion of anyone who encounters it. Scientists also believe that it can give you appetite and because of that it is often placed in kitchens or dining rooms. Whether you want to achieve just that or you just need something to turn up the emotions volume you can’t go wrong as this color is a bringer of physical energy, romance and joy.

Our Products

Red color has always been the color of passion and happiness. Giving your interior that unique look can make a whole new experience for everyone. Red is also known to increase appetite so putting it near the dining table can never be a bad move!

Egg Chair – Red

Our premium-quality reproduction of the iconic Egg chair will bring the golden days of Scandinavian mid century design right to your home at an exceptionally affordable price. Synonymous with comfort and refined sense of style, this elegant lounge chair perfectly exemplifies the beauty of simplicity so commonly found in Scandinavian mid century designs. With smooth and flowing lines framing the organic shape, our premium reproduction of the iconic Egg chair is sure to bring timeless elegance and sophisticated aesthetical expression to your home.

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