If you were ever a fan of Ricky Martin you’ve probably at least once wondered what his home looks like or how it is to dine in it? We’ve got you.

We took a stroll around his amazing LA mansion in order to find out what are some of the best styling secrets that you can implement into your modern interior.

How to dine and enjoy any family gathering with the best seating options, as well as how to make the most out of your dining experience is something that we will also cover.

Scandinavian minimalism is definitely one of the main components that he implemented into his home, and we didn’t fail to notice some amazing furniture pieces that are attainable to your home.

After 4 long years on the road as he says, Ricky was searching for a home where he can finally settle. Although he didn’t think it would be the one he decided to buy it as he couldn’t deny the amazing aesthetics of the interior.

In this article we want to show you his lifestyle but also give you some amazing tips to upgrade your living space.

No more rambling, here are the topics:

  1. Dining With Ricky Martin
  2. Kitchen Secrets
  3. Intimate Bedroom Styling
  4. Dream Living Room
  5. Did You See The Art Gallery?
  6. The Beauty of Scandinavian Style

1. Dining With Ricky Martin

Let’s be honest we all thought about having a romantic dinner with Ricky. Well, at least we can see his dining area.

He was so kind to show us his dining room, with his amazing wishbone chairs and table that he is so proud of.

As he says he bought his table almost 25 years ago with his first home and since then, he is carrying him in any new home that he lands.

There are many different reasons why he decided to have the wishbone chairs as his main seating option. In a big home like his, dinner gatherings are a very common thing and wishbone chairs are also very good for kids.

Above all else Ricky and his family enjoy Puerto Rican food but they always want to make sure that their dishes are as healthy as possible.

Did you know that you can find and most likely afford these amazing dining pieces for your home? Yes, you heard it right.

Even though most of us can’t afford a million dollar mansion we can make our living room have the same aesthetic.

2. Kitchen Secrets

We all use the kitchen to cook and eat but apparently Ricky thinks it is the gossip room.

As he says despite our living rooms and family rooms’ beautiful aesthetics we all end up here chatting. To be honest it can’t be far from the truth.

The interior looks amazing but he thinks it’s a bit messier than usual due to some production undergoing.

Kitchen is often closely connected with the dining room but it can also be a good place to eat.

Most likely you do not have that big of a space for your kitchen but for smaller ones you can definitely place a Tulip Table with some Wishbone Chairs.

3. Intimate Bedroom Styling

Bedroom customizing is always important and Ricky took this part of his home very seriously.

While combining outstanding wall art with the simplistic aesthetic of modern Scancdinavian design he created a perfect sleeping room.

There are a couple of rules when it comes to walls in every bedroom and the main one is that red is not the best option.

Ideally you should go with grey and white tones in order to bring a perfect visual experience that will help you fall asleep faster.

4. Dream Living Room

As expected Ricky’s living room is nothing like your typical friends and family space but it has so many things that you can implement in your home.

With an amazing set of different seating options you can also notice a PK80 daybed which can be used for relaxing, decoration or even putting different accessories like books or clothing.

If you have kids in your home you can also use this relaxing piece of furniture as a spot for them to rest or just enjoy playing around.

This piece is one of many different types that you can use not only for sitting but for decoration as well.

Modern Scandinavian floor lamp also took a major role in his interior’s overall aesthetic. Floor lamps are a great assistant when it comes to reading during the night, however during the day they are a decor piece.

For your personal interior, a grasshopper lamp can be a great solution especially if you want to combine it with other Scandinavian design based pieces.

5. Did You See The Art Gallery?

With its sophisticated taste, Ricky martin’s gallery is surely one of the most impressive ones in all the modern homes of Los Angeles.

Jwan Yosef’s art adorns the walls of this beautiful home, but it’s surely something that you can have in yours.

Even if you do not own this kind of aesthetic you can still make sure to decorate your walls with some amazing wall art that can make your home stand out.

Adding a nice interior plant can just add in to the whole vibe, but of course you are free to experiment with different decorations.

6. The Beauty of Scandinavian Style

As you probably noticed most of Ricky Martin’s home is based on Scandinavian Minimalism.

We explored many homes of the rich and famous. It made us realise that this style is very common in modern and high end homes, but why?

The reason is very simple. Nordic style minimalistic aesthetic established itself as a new beauty standard in the 2010s and is still going strong today.

With complicated shapes and try hard interiors being in the past, luxurious homes have changed more towards the simple and effortless design.

From seating options, beds and tables to lamps and different accessories, you will be able to see a simplistic but very high-end looking space that screams class.