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Rove Concepts: What do the reviews say and what are the experiences?

All of us that are involved in a niche industry are always aware of the other companies that are in the same business as us. But just like every other company out there, we also cannot offer every mid century modern design out there and we do tend to specialize in some items more than in others. So for example, while we are exceptionally proud of our chair collection or our very wide offer of lamps, we don’t have exactly the same variety of products in our offer when it comes to media consoles or king size beds. These are the moments where we acknowledge that our colleagues in the industry can provide a wider offer as they might be specializing in different models and different types of the furniture in the same style as we do.

Rove Concepts has been around for quite some time and most of you who are enthusiasts for mid century modern replica furniture must have come across them at some point. With a decent exposure and noticeable number of positive reviews online, RC has managed to make a name for itself in the world of mid century furniture.

As with any other company, especially when it deals with e-commerce and online shopping, Trustpilot is the way to go if you want additional info. If you do a quick chat, you will see that Rove Concepts reviews tend to be rather varied, but this is not uncommon for any company out there. However, it does point out to the fact that Rove Concepts quality can vary a bit – while some reviews praise the impeccable style and quality, others (written for those exact same products) point out to significant flaws and production defects.

Truth be told, issues like that do tend to happen to even the best companies out there and there are many variables that can influence the tone of the reviews – not the least the fact that statistically people with bad experience tend to be much more eager to write a public review than those who are pleased with their order. So, our best advice when it comes to this is to check the Trustpilot for Rove Concepts yourself and make your own decision. As for us, we do have understanding for the issues our colleagues are facing, so we are not quick to judge! After all, it took us quite some time and effort to ensure the consistent quality of our designs and prevent those issues, so we know it’s not an easy task to accomplish.

Another common point highlighted in Rove Concepts experiences and reviews available online is somewhat longer than expected delivery times. Again, this is an issue that many company face and that is oftentimes outside of your direct control. Solving the problem of delays and ensuring timely delivery is mostly related to establishing, developing and perfecting your logistic and transport network so that you can ensure an unbroken thread from the factory or a workshop to the doorstep of your customers. Rove Concepts seems to be still in the process of perfecting this, which might be somewhat surprising considering their comparably long presence on the market, but knowing the logistic issues first hand, and the extent of issues that communication breaks and flaws can cause, we will just stand by our first comment on this one – those issues happen even to the best of companies and maintaining your logistic network at its optimum is a challenging task.