At least once you had a chance to see a beautiful home that looks high class, rich and luxurious, yet so spacious and carefree.

Scandinavian minimalism has established itself as one of the most dominant among the modern interior design styles for a very good reason. It has it all.

Expensive yet casual look, minimalistic touch, and effective aesthetic that looks beautiful to the eye.

In a nutshell, you could easily say that Scandinavian design is the most balanced of them all.

It is just natural to assume that this beauty will transfer to every single room in the house and the living room is not an exception.

The scandinavian living room is always easy to navigate through and it prefers to stand out as a whole rather than focusing all of its attention on a single piece.

Of course, some outstanding individual pieces grab attention, but the thing is that they complement the interior so well which causes them to blend in perfectly.

We gathered some essential tips that you can use to style your living room like a pro.

Let’s get started.

1. Structure Is The Most Important

2. Make The Room Spacious

3. Achieve Balance

4. Wall Decoration Secrets

5. Table And Wishbone Chairs Combo

6. Let The Light Inside


Before you start decorating your living room we recommend you write its main use on a piece of paper first.

Do you have guests often? Do you spend most of your time watching Netflix or do you like to walk more? Do you have a pet or small children?

Answers to these questions will determine a lot of things.
You will know how much space you need, where to position your furniture and what is the look of the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve.


When trying to make your room look bigger, there are a couple of tips to apply.

One that should always be on your mind is minimalism. What that means is keeping it simple.

You don’t need complicated shapes and lots of different pieces of furniture placed next to each other.

When it comes to different decor pieces, interior plants are an ideal solution.

That does not mean that you shouldn’t place different accessories of your choice but make sure there are not too many of them.

Another great tip that you can use is to make sure to place some mirrors on the wall.

Reflecting space and light creates the feeling of a larger space but is also a great and different type of aesthetic to have in your home.

Combining this with white walls and a simplistic Scandinavian style of furniture will give your interior more room to breathe, but it will also bring to life that spacious aesthetic that you are trying to achieve.

One final piece of advice to increase that airy feeling is to make sure that you place your furniture further from the walls to make it feel grander.

A minimum should be somewhere around 35 cm of legroom between the walls and your furniture but you are free to adjust it as you think looks best.


One of the most important styling tips especially when you want to achieve balance is to add contrast to your living room.

A standard approach is combining black and white so if you are out of creative ideas this can be a great alternative that you can never go wrong with.

This example however can be applied in more different ways, like combining smooth and rough surfaces or trying to fit different patterns like geometric and solid ones.

Also, a great way to create harmony in your space can be to add some interesting accessories that will add some character to the simplistic nature of Scandinavian style.

Whether you are going for an interior plant, a figurine with an interesting shape or a small picture make sure that you place them in places where the interior looks a bit dull.

Adding more color, character and some white space can maybe be the best way to avoid that neutral palette that can sometimes appear in Nordic-based homes.


When it comes to decorating your walls, creativity is everything. If you are someone who likes pictures our honest recommendation is to try making a gallery wall.

Surely that is one of the best ways to express yourself authentically and show your interest through art.

You could also try making an accent wall, which means that you will decorate the wall itself. Consider creating different patterns with some decorative painting techniques.

Depending on your taste you can decorate your walls in so many different ways.

Hanging some mirrors or installing shelves can add a completely new vibe to your walls as well, but the best advice that we can give you here is to express yourself.

Try to bring your personality forward and show your friends and family what is that thing that defines your character.

You can never be wrong when you are being yourself.


No matter if you want to make this combination your focal point or a part of your living room it is very safe to say that it is a crucial part of every living room’s aesthetic.

While a tulip table brings that high-end feeling of prestige and undeniable quality, a wooden wishbone chair creates comfort and security you need whenever you decide to dine or just have a good time with your family and friends.

As it matters to the additional decoration we recommend you to put a plant, or some accessory that you like, however be sure not to overdo it as Scandinavian style and wishbone dining chairs are all about minimalism.

If you are indecisive about the color, material or your dining set in general, definitely visit our website and find the one scandinavian dining table you like the most.

Besides different options you will also find product descriptions, FAQs and pictures in the actual interior.

We hope it helps you with your choice!


The amount of sun rays that will shine in your living room mostly depends on how your windows are positioned. Make sure that you place your furniture close to the sources of light.

Still there are some additional tips that you can use to make your whole interior feel and look more bright.

The obvious one is to make sure your wall colors are bright. Try using white or yellow color as they will increase the overall brightness and take it to the next level.

One of the more important things to also remember is not to mix your daylight with your lights that you have inside as it can damage eyesight and cause you headaches.

It’s simple right?