Preserving the American Lumber Industry

The lumber industry in the US is currently employing half a million people directly, with additional 1.6 million holding jobs directly dependent on it. It is producing more than 30 billion board feet annually, firmly placing the US as the world’s single largest producer and consumer of lumber and contributing as much as 4% of the US GDP. But, this is hardly surprising as United States of America have been at the forefront of lumber industry ever since its first days on the global market. Proudly housing some of the world’s largest timber ports and building upon the cultural legacy of logging towns and their vivid folklore, the US is deeply connected to its lumber industry, not only because of multimillion annual profits, but also because of its rich history.

Dangers of deforestation to the American lumber industry

The rampant deforestation combined with other negative factors poses a real and present threat to this traditional source of income for hundreds of thousands of Americans, with the small local industries with the smallest ecological footprint being the most affected. In turn, this creates a risk of creating a vicious circle of pushing even more forests into the hands of big companies that will further increase the damage to this precious natural resource of the USA. Because of this, we would like to invite you to join us in our effort to preserve the American lumber industry with a special emphasis on the small local industries that have profoundly shaped the story of America.

Reforesting, rebuilding the industry and investing into the future

As a company that directly depends not only on the beautiful wood of the American company, but also on the expertise of American carpenters, we decided to play our part in helping the American lumber industry to remain strong and highly competitive on the global market, as it has always been. With our Plant a Tree initiative, we aim to contribute to the ongoing reforestation efforts in the US and ensure abundance of natural resources for the future. Keeping the lumber economy up and running will not only ensure millions of jobs at the companies that rank among the top 10 manufacturers in as much as 47 states throughout the US, but will also ensure the continuing legacy of the industry that played such an important role in the great story of America.

Supporting your local industry and corporate responsibility

By teaming up with One Tree Planted, we ensure that all trees planted during our initiative will not end up being cut by the big corporations. Instead, in years after they are fully grown, they will be used by small local manufacturers and local industry which has always been known in the US for its impeccable corporate responsibility and minimal ecological footprint. By doing so, we ensure that we contribute not only to a better market and greener America, but also that we help to those who depend on nature the most and who treat it with respect and care.