Are you looking for a simple and easy to maintain dining chair that is both functional and stylish? With our high-quality Eames chair replica, you get exactly that! The smooth and organically curved shell made in one piece is a common and recognizable trait of Eames plastic chairs that hints at a strong stylistic relation between several models including DSR, DSW, DAW and Eames Rocking Chair (RAR). At the same time, simple yet stylish design ensures unwavering popularity and continuous demand for these designer chairs.

Eames Chairs Replicas

At the time they were originally designed, Eames plastic chairs were first industrially manufactured chairs, produced with cutting-edge techniques and modern materials. These facts perfectly exemplify Charles and Ray Eames’ flair for innovation and drive to experiment. Today, we follow their original designs down to the smallest detail to produce highest quality Eames chairs replicas available at an affordable price. As with the patent-holding manufacturer which substituted original unrecyclable fibreglass shells with eco-friendly polypropylene in 1993, our replicas feature 100% recyclable plastic shells and bases made of highest quality wood and top-grade steel, depending on the model. Staying completely true to the Eames’ original design, we present you the same light design and unprecedented comfort original Eames plastic chairs were known for.

Our Eames Chair replicas are based on afore-mentioned models – DSR, DSW, DAR and RAR. The first one, originally designed in 1948 managed to stand out as most popular Eames designs, with the DSW model being its further development, with the same organic shell shape, but with wooden maple frame in neutral, dark stained or black painted finishes. However, the DAR model introduced changes in the shape of the DSR’s iconic shell which, in this variant, included armrests, unlike the previous models. The shell is also somewhat wider, closing around the body to a greater extent and the maple base is borrowed from the previous DSW model. Finally, the Eames RAR chair features the DAR’s recognizable shell, while also adding a rocking base of chromed steel wire and wood.

Eames plastic chairs were originally designed for the “Low-Cost Furniture Design” competition, organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but due to the iconic status of these models, the originals can be rather costly. However, you can choose to buy our highest quality Eames chairs replicas at an affordable price and still enjoy both the comfort and the style of these timeless designs.