What Makes a Good Marble Dining Table

There are so many different aspects that make a good marble table and it is important to make sure yours meets all the necessary requirements before you make a big decision and buy it for your interior. Whether you want to buy a Marble dining table set or a marble kitchen table it is crucial to decide which color you would like as well as which type of marble makes the best out of the whole combination. Aesthetics usually play a very important role when making a decision however it equally matters to make sure your table is built of quality material that is made to last for many long years to come. With this article, we want to show you different options and explore the world of different marble tables hoping it will make your shopping experience easier. However, no matter whether you actually plan to buy a table or dining set this article can provide you with much interesting information if you are just genuinely interested in different types of marble.

Magic of Calacatta Marble

There is a truly unmatched beauty that surrounds everything around Calacatta marble. Because of this fact, so many people all around the world choose exactly this type of stone for their homes and interior designs. Besides the beauty factor, Calacatta marble gives a sense of high class and really upgrades any interior to a brand new level no matter if it is part of a marble kitchen table or just a wall coating for the bathroom or living room. What separates this stone from its Carrara counterpart are definitely its unstructured veins but we could also say that the texture is slightly different as well. This marble is distinctive with its bold and thick veining, different from Carrara’s that are much softer. Calacatta also has that worldwide appeal among architects and designers due to its soothing white background and color tone.

“High-end” is a term that goes hand in hand with “rare”, as limited availability and high demand often translate to a greater expense. Calacatta Marble is very unique because of the fact that it is only available from one quarry in the world, located in Carrara, Italy.

Why Does Carrara Marble Stand Out?

Carrara marble rightfully earned its place as one of the most respected stones due to its long history and refined look that has been crafted for many generations. It is completely right to make a statement that Carrara is not just any marble but the epitome and the definition of the marble. Proof of its glory is definitely the most famous sculptors who decided to use exactly this material to craft one of the most beautiful art pieces in any form of architecture. The lighter type is called Statuario but it is very important to say how this material was a crucial part of one of the biggest pieces of art like Michelangelo’s David, The,, Tre Grazie, and The Lacoon Pio Clementio. White Carrara marble is characteristically homogenous, with a white to grey ground color, shining grains, and smoky grey veins, which run through the stone rather unevenly. The stone itself got its name from the Carrara which is a city in Italy, but its long high-class history is what made this piece so wanted all over the world.

Everyone knows that having this material in your interior means high class as it instantly elevates any space to its fullest potential and that is exactly why we have it as one of our key materials. If you are someone who likes to make your interior stand out while making sure your friends and family are impressed this type of material is most likely what your marble table needs.

Advantages of White Lacquer

There are so many different reasons why white lacquer still stands as one of the most used materials in the modern furniture design industry. Besides the obvious aesthetics that are more than attractive for every modern customer this type of lacquer is very tough. It also lasts very long without chipping or flaking. It is very important to know that this lacquer is a bit thinner than other products making it penetrate deeper which results in a durable seal that protects the material from the inside out. When it comes to white marble dining tables this type of lacquer makes the furniture look more refined and high class which is surely important when you want to decide what to buy.

Why is Marble so Popular?

We already established that marble is one of the most popular materials when it comes to any type of dining or tulip table, but why exactly? Well, the answer is connected to its long history. People associate materials with different emotions and that are often attached to their general use. When it comes to marble it is usually considered as a high-class material due to the connection it has with art itself. As a main component of architecture and one of the most famous sculptures in the world marble becomes a staple of every modern home. As it is being used in most parts of the house like living rooms, bathrooms and even dining rooms marble become absolutely essential for a high standard. On our website we try to combine many different dining sets in order to create a combination that can fit any interior, however, we also want to make it easier for our customers so they do not need to do it themselves. Our round tulip dining table pieces are all made out of quality white marble which will definitely make your interior stand out however we also wanted to make sure that they are combined with the universal colors of the chairs to create a balance. No matter if you decide to buy a single piece or a set it is important that you know this material is going to last for many years to come. Depending on your personal preferences you can choose the texture of the marble that fits your interior the best.

We hope this helped you with your choice. If you still cannot decide or need more information on different types of marbles we encourage you to go to our website and check the additional information on the particular product.