Why White?

Although it is a total opposite of the color black white is something that can be also used in many different interiors without breaking the overall impression. Actually white is many times the deciding factor that gives the room that brightness and overall glam impression we all need.

It can also represent a successful beginning, brilliance and perfection, however keep in mind that too much white can sometimes be blinding and cause a headache. Our recommendation is to put it as a detail to brighten up the atmosphere when you feel like the room looks a little too gloomy.

Our Products

Opposite to darker colors white can bring a new feeling of purity, lightness and airness to every single room in your home. Having the dust appearing less on the brighter tones, white color can be perfect for bedrooms and does not have problems with dry-cleaning.

AJ | Table Lamp – White

With the minimalist appeal, sleek and elegant silhouette and carefully directed light softened by the white inside of the shade, our premium-quality reproduction of the iconic AJ table lamp will easily find its place in your stylish home. Perfectly compatible with numerous interior design movements and styles, this minimalist lighting solution is sure to leave its mark, subtle, yet undoubtedly impactful. Hand-assembled and thoroughly tested, it comes not just with impeccable style and functionality, but also with durability and quality that will ensure that it will continue to illuminate your home for years to come.

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Wishbone Chair – White

Our Premium Wishbone chairs reproduction are a handmade Danish design dining chair in mid-century style, inspired by the finest traditions and most iconic models from the golden era of furniture design. Originally designed for Carl Hansen and Son, the company behind many classical furniture, these wishbone chairs would be the very first model that Wegner designed exclusively for Carl Hansen. Bring the touch of Danish design and classic mid-century style to your home at an exceptionally favorable price with this Wegner wishbone chairs for your dining table, manually woven paper cord seat in a modern design. Our wishbone chairs are crafted by a team of expert craftsmen ensuring impeccable style, unmatched quality, and industry-leading durability.

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