Let’s be honest, we all want to live in a home that has an undeniable sense of class. Likewise, we’ve all at least once visited a friends or family member’s place that looks luxurious compared to all the regular homes.

Chances are that she/he most likely isn’t a billionaire, but knows some styling secrets that make his interior that much better.

Whether or not shehe has Scandinavian furniture in his home there are certainly some Nordic design principles applied to every room.

In the last 10 years, Scandinavian design has established itself as a synonym for rich looking home. With its simplistic, non try hard and yet glamorous look it brought a completely new sense of style to modern homes all around the world.

In this article we want to give you some special secrets that will make your home stand out from all the ordinary interior designs.

Here are the topics that we will cover:

  1. It’s Uncluttering Time
  2. Repaint Your Walls
  3. Embrace Simplicity
  4. Choose The Right Pieces
  5. Keep it Neutral

1. It’s Decluttering Time

We all know that clutter is never a good representation of luxury and high class but what’s more important is getting rid of unnecessary stuff in your home.

Besides a better aesthetic for your interior, organizing your space this way will also make you feel better mentally.

It is also a great way to see which pieces of furniture can you maybe place in a different room or even sell if they are redundant in your space.

When you declutter it is very important that you clear all the flat surfaces first: tabletops, countertops, night stands,…) Of course you are free to add some accessories but make sure that they are just the essentials.

Also bear in mind that there are many different storage spaces that you haven’t even used. Under your bed can be a good idea to store unnecessary clothes but installing shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls is also something that you should do.

2. Repaint Your Walls

Yes, you heard it right. Keeping your walls freshly painted is very important, especially if you are going for that high-end type of look in your interior.

Many times we stain our walls without even knowing and gradually our whole space becomes more messier due to this single fact.

This occurs even more if you are someone who prefers to have white walls. As they are the easiest to get dirty you will need to take some extra care.

Once your walls get all shiny again, adding some wall art on it  can be a great way to upgrade your home’s aesthetic to a brand new level. Do not hesitate to personalize your space and show off your creativity.

3. Embrace Simplicity

Simple and non-try hard became a synonym for rich and lux in the world of furniture design.

In the 2010s Scandinavian Design established itself as a new symbol of prestige and modern homes all around the world and is still going strong.

You should definitely get some of the most iconic Scandinavian pieces like the famous Wishbone chair or Womb chair but there is more. You should make sure that your home aesthetic represents simplicity itself.

You don’t need complicated shapes and oversaturated rooms. Instead you should focus on having less pieces that ultimately make your interior more spacious.

Likewise do not be scared to add accessories, as long as you do not overdo it.

Also interior plants are one of the more practical accessories that you can, still you should be aware that most of them should be held far from your pets and children.

4. Choose The Right Pieces

Finally, we’ve come to one of the most interesting parts, the furniture.

It’s a no-brainer that you will need some fresh looking furniture pieces in order to make your home look all flashy.

However this is something that you can achieve without spending a fortune.

There are many original reproductions that have the exact same aesthetic and also amazing quality which is very important.

Different reproductions of Scandinavian design can be found at a very affordable price which will leave you more money to spend on other important things for your home.

Except the usual seating options you should really think about getting a grandiose looking ceiling lamp.

Artichoke lamp can be a great choice due to its unique shape but a Pendant lamp does a better job when it comes to that simplistic look you might be searching for.

It’s important to note that even though simplicity is very important here as a concept you are allowed to have a design piece that has a bit of complexity.

Elbow chairs and Wishbone chairs can be a great solution for your dining room while the living room should be more focused on seating options that make you feel relaxed.

5. Keep it Neutral

We do not want to say that there isn’t a luxurious looking home with a lot of different colors in it but it is surely more difficult to pull off.

If we talk about modern family homes, keeping neutral colors over palette brings more value to the overall interior.

Of course do not hesitate when it comes to making contrast combining brighter and darker tones.

Mixing black and white in your interior the right way can not only increase that luxurious aesthetic but make you stand out.

Showing diversity in your interior decor is also a bigger challenge when you are trying to keep it simple that’s why this method can be very effective.

Being above trends is one of the biggest reasons why keeping it neutral is the right move.

Bold colors easily get outdated and with this approach your home will retain that sense of calmness and eternal style.

Neutral style can also be applied on the furniture and the look of your whole space as well.

Instead of trying to make every single piece stand out, we recommend you to try arranging pieces in a way that makes them compliment each other and the overall interior.

In those scenarios there is usually one major focal point in the room like a ceiling lamp or a lounge chair.

We believe that every modern interior deserves to look rich and we know that it is possible. Being bold with your interior is a choice as well as upgrading it to the next level.