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Hans Wegner Wing easy chair premium reproduction for sale

Bring a vibrant touch of elegance to your stylish home with our premium reproduction of Hans J. Wegner’s iconic Wing lounge chair, available in several upholstery types.

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Wegner’s iconic armchair in mid century modern style

Hans J. Wegner, the world-renowned champion of the Danish modern and Scandinavian mid-century design, was one of the most productive creators of this fruitful era of furniture design renaissance. With more than five hundred designs and over a hundred models that were produced and reached the market, Wegner certainly left a lasting impact on the contemporary understanding of stylish furniture.

Wing chair, also known by its designation CH445 is one of his most recognisable designs. Originally, it reached the customers in Denmark in 1960, but only in limited number, with its production starting again only decades later in 2006 when it truly attained international fame as one of the most recognizable lounge chairs from the 1950s. Because of the limited number of models from the original series of production, the price of this model is still rather high. But, with our Wing chair premium reproduction, you can now get this exquisite design at just a fraction of the original price and bring a unique touch of mid century elegance to your living room.

A premium quality reproduction for true design lovers

Our Hans Wegner Wing chair premium reproduction easily stands out among countless overpriced replicas on the market. We are confident not only that our reproduction is identical to the original down to the smallest detail, but we also take great pride in our unique approach to replica production that ensures a completely new level of quality. Our dedicated team comprised of talented designers, experienced craftsmen and expert engineers carefully examined the original design specifications and optimised the production processes in such a way that the intent behind every detail is perfectly reproduced. So, if you are looking for a truly premium-quality stylish leather chair, this might be a good place to start.

This means that the similarities between our premium reproduction and Hans Wegner’s original Wing lounge chair are not simply skin-deep. Aside from the exquisite style and elegance that made the original so famous and sought-after throughout the world, our premium reproduction of this timeless classic will also provide you with the same seating comfort as the original. What’s more, you can get this model upholstered in a variety of different colors and materials, including several types of leather and cashmere, but keep in mind that each variation comes with classic stainless steel legs.

Choose the upholstery that will match your style

Our reproductions of the world-famous Hans Wegner Wing chair can be bought in a number of different colours and upholstery types. What this means is that you will be able to choose the model that will fit in your stylish home perfectly. From subtle and elegant shades of black, white, grey or beige, to stunning red, saturated navy blue or chartreuse green-yellow, our offer will certainly provide you with all the options your heart desires. With this wide array of available colors, you can easily find the one that will bring that extra touch your home has been lacking.

Comfort that will last for decades

Carefully thought-out structure and form of the seat, armrests and backrest of Hans Wegner’s Wing chair is one of the most commonly mentioned qualities of this sophisticated and elegant design. CH445 is designed in such a way that it can be sat upon in many different ways, while still retaining optimal back support. A slightly tilted seat will also ensure a perfect pitch which especially comes to prominence if you choose to pair the Wegner Wing easy chair with a matching CH446 ottoman.

Our CH445 Wing chair premium reproduction not only retains this exceptional comfort as its most prominent characteristic, but it also perfectly matches the weight distribution of the original which, paired with the use of highest-quality production and upholstery materials, ensures exceptional longevity of the chair. Because of this, we feel very confident when we say that our Wing chair premium reproduction will last for decades to come.

Mid-century aesthetic for contemporary style experts

The timeless elegance and stylish appeal of the iconic CH445 Wing lounge chair, perfectly reproduced in our highest-quality replica, will certainly add a unique aesthetical touch to your home. Suitable for stylish and elegant living rooms, Hans Wegner’s Wing chair is sure to catch some well-deserved attention wherever you choose to place it. It can instantly give a unique aura of elegance to your living room, while at the same time providing exquisite seating comfort. But, if you like these qualities, but would prefer a silhouette that is less about lines and more about curves, why not take a look at some of other designs from our offer, like for example Arne Jacobsen’s 1958 Egg lounge chair.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality