The Lives of the rich and famous many times seem like an unattainable goal that we can just dream about, while for them it is something that they consider pretty normal.

What if we tell you that you can have some of that? You would probably think that we are exaggerating but this is not at all far from reality. We’ve taken a glimpse at the life of one of the most popular DJs in the world and found out that his home has some interesting design secrets that are obtainable to you and your home.

Many modern homes are based on a very simple principle of Scandinavian design that can be applied to any modern home without spending millions and millions of dollars.

Zedd has a very interesting-looking home design but also a couple of secrets that you can implement in your interior right away.

In this article, we want to show you how you can live like the famous with a couple of tweaks that no one talks about.

Without further ado let’s dive in. Here are the main topics that we are going to cover just in case you want to skip to a particular part:

  1. Get to Know The House
  2. Relax in The Art Gallery
  3. Living Room Tour
  4. Breathtaking Terrace
  5. Workout and Roof Area
  6. Why Scandinavian Interior

1. Get to Know The House

Zedd really likes to structure things the right way and his home is not an exception. As he explains, his home has three major parts, the first one being just for work, the second being for the living, and the third which is mostly a sleeping area.

Inside the actual home, everything is as high-tech as you would expect. Due to a very visible influence of Scandinavian design the home itself is very simplistic and spacious which is something that you can definitely use when designing your interior.

Although his home is much bigger than yours you can definitely make sure that some of your rooms are used for work while the other ones can be relaxing only.

2. Relax in The Art Gallery

One of the most interesting parts of Zedd’s home is definitely the art gallery and yes you can have it too. Although this is much bigger and has a skittles machine there are some ideas that you can implement in your home as well.

If you are someone who loves wall art you can place some different artworks in your hallways next to a Nelson Bench. Zedd usually uses his to sit and eat some skittles but in your home, it can be added on as a great detail which is also useful.

Besides obvious art pieces, benches can be used to place different clothes, shoes, and towels.

If you want to go more towards the decoration side do not hesitate to place some books or a cup of coffee to make the right mood.

3. Living Room Tour

The place where a famous artist spends most of his time definitely isn’t your typical living room. Enormous space, breathtaking view and a fireplace mixed with grandiose architecture make this living room a true work of art.

Yet we noticed something familiar that is definitely accessible to your home. Next to a smaller table that Zedd usually uses to play board games as he says, you can see two chairs and a lamp facing the stunning view.

Combining a Lounge Chair and ottoman with Arco Lamp can be a great way to show off that high-end luxurious look in your home as well.

Famous people always want to have the latest trends in their home but so do we.

Scandinavian Interior is the future of modern design and we believe that it should be accessible to any modern home. That is exactly why you can find and buy these pieces in our online shop while not having to worry about overpricing and quality.

4. Breathtaking Terrace

It is not an understatement to say that Zedd’s Terrace is definitely one of the most impressive parts of his luxurious home.

An enormous pool that is always set to 97 degrees takes most of the attention and is blended with a hot tub that can’t be seen when the water overflows.

If you are hungry Zedd has a nice barbecue area where you can socialize and enjoy the view. Once you are full you can sit and relax on the Acapulco chairs next to it.

You most likely cannot afford to have this grandiose architecture in your home but we all most of the time have a backyard or a terrace.

If you are not a millionaire but still want to eat some barbecue you can do it in your backyard while relaxing with friends. The best thing is that you can have the same chairs and nail the same aesthetic which will bring the overall vibe.

In this article, we really wanted to show you the beauty of famous life but we also wanted to make a point that your home can look like that. You can have the same furniture pieces and enjoy that high-end feeling without mad dollars.

5. Workout and Roof Area

Being an artist doesn’t mean you need to stop being healthy and Zedd wants to make sure he is pumped up at all times.

His gym has everything you need: dumbbells, machines, and a beautiful view. Although he plans to put some more machines in it he is already good to go.

As his studio is below his gym he can switch between music and working out without needing to go to another part of his home.

Most of us usually do not have the luxury to have an entire gym and the studio in our home but we can definitely organize our space.

It is very important that you have parts of your home that are used just for working. It will help you to focus more and it actually works the same as your bedroom.

As your body is more used to sleeping in the bedroom you will naturally get sleepy in that space.

If you make sure that you have a room where you just work or workout you will be more prepared by just being in that space.

6. Why Scandinavian Interior

As the time passes, Scandinavian design becomes the most popular choice for a modern home. There are a couple of reasons why.

Zedd mentions that he likes how spacious his home looks and due to the simplicity of the design Scandinavan style, he  manages to achieve it.

Also simplistic pieces of furniture make every interior look more luxurious and high-end no matter how worth it is.

If you want to nail that famous look in your interior Scandinavian style is the way to go and there are plenty of pieces to choose from.